Festival Do’s and Don’ts

Just a short listing of things you may need to know about the Kerrville Folk Festival, Welcome Home Fest, and Quiet Valley Ranch...



- Wear comfortable shoes
- Bring a hat, sunscreen, lightweight jacket
- Be prepared for spontaneous rain
- Plan on visiting our Food Vendors, Art & Crafts Vendors, and Festival Merchandise Booths.
- Bring a reusable cup or buy a souvenir cup! Our vendors don't provide disposable cups.
- Lawn chairs are recommended for the Theater areas.  Fixed, bench seating is available but not guaranteed.
- Be respectful of each other.




- No Dogs or Other Pets*
- No Drums
- No Drugs
- NO FIREARMS, weapons, or Fireworks
- No Generators in campgrounds
- No Recorded Music or Stereos
- No Drones (without office approval)
- No selfie sticks in theater areas

- No ice chests, bottles or cans allowed in the Kennedy Theater or Threadgill Theater (ok in campgrounds)

*Service Animals - we do allow trained "Service Animals" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.   Service animals must be kept on leash and under owner's direct control at all times.   "Emotional Support" animals and "Pets" ARE NOT covered under the ADA and therefore WILL NOT be allowed.