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Songwriters from the festival audience have a chance to share their original songs with an appreciative crowd of listeners under the BALLAD TREE on Chapel Hill every weekend during the Kerrville Folk Festival. Chapel Hill is located at the north end of the ranch. The Ballad Tree is held from 2pm– 4pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Suggested by Bobby Bridger and Tom Paxton, the Ballad Tree has become an important aspect of the song sharing that makes Kerrville so unique.


Each day of the Ballad Tree, the guest host will sing a song or two to get things going and then begin to draw the names of participants from the hat. Bring your instrument, fill out a slip and put it in the hat to be drawn by the guest host, as time permits, who will introduce you and others until time runs out.  If you are not a singer or songwriter, the Ballad Tree is also a good spot to hear two or three dozen original songs.

5/26 - Daniel Neihoff
5/27 - Wes Collins
5/28 - Joe Jencks

6/2 - Brian Cutean
6/3 - Chris Chandler
6/4 - Bill Nash

6/9  - Jackie Sue Sallis
6/10 - Jack Motley
6/11 - Donovan Hatcher

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