Bobby Bridger

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Houston, TX​

Bobby began his professional recording career in Nashville, 1967, with Monument and Nugget Records. In 1970, Bridger signed with RCA Records and recorded two albums of original material (Merging of Our Minds, and And I Wanted to Sing for the People) before parting ways in 1973. Bridger launched his own Golden Egg Records in 1980 and released Heal in the Wisdom (1981), the four-disc boxed set, A Ballad of the West (2000), Songs from A Ballad of the West (2003), and Bridger's seventh studio album and current release, Vagabond Heart (2015).

Bridger has performed twice on PBS's Austin City Limits, on PBS's award-winning American Experience, twice on C-Span/Booknotes, CNN, ABC/Good Morning America, A&E Networks, NPR, and the Australian Broadcasting Company. Bridger's songs have been recorded by a diverse range of artists from pop (Bobby Goldboro) to country (Claude Gray), even to rock (The Lost Gonzo Band). His song, Heal in the Wisdom, has been the official anthem of the Kerrville Folk Festival since 1979.