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Brenda Freed
Effortless Music Instruction
(Albert, TX)
Photo: Linda Epperson

Brenda Freed has been performing all her life and has an MA in Music Ed/Music Therapy.  Since 1991, Brenda has been teaching voice, piano and guitar privately in the Texas Hill Country, and she now teaches by Skype and Zoom.  Brenda also is a conference panelist sharing healthy vocal maintenance information, and teaches voice and vocal harmony workshops at festivals and conferences including Kerrville Folk Festival 10 years, SWRFA Conference 10 years, International Folk Alliance Music Camp 2 years, SPAH Conference 7 years, Hillside Music Festival, Ontario, Canada (2014), and Girl Guitar in Austin, TX (2016/2017).  In addition, Brenda has been teaching a Women Sing group in Blanco, TX since 2013.  


Brenda also has an active singer songwriter career.  She has recorded 10 CD’s of mostly original material and has toured Texas, the Midwest, Ireland and England. She released 4 solo CDs before forming Texas Hot Flash – a cappella and then some - in 2001.  In 2005, Texas Hot Flash won an Austin Music Award, toured CA and the Midwest where they opened for the Charlie Daniels Band, and released 3 CDs. Since then, her duo with Michael D’Eath, Him & Her, has released 3 CDs and performed on the KFF Threadgill Stage. 

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Brenda has graciously donated a copy of each of her Effortless Singing & Effortless Harmony Singing CD sets, as well as 4 one-hour Effortless Singing lessons via Zoom or Skype. The auction item is detailed below, but more information about her Effortless Singing series can be found here:

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Auction Item

One 2-CD set of Effortless Singing and One 2-CD set of Effortless Harmony Singing plus 4 one-hour Skype or Zoom Effortless Singing Lessons with Brenda Freed

  Brenda Freed has been teaching guitar, piano and voice for over 30 years.  Her style of teaching is effective for students of all ages, whether or not they are naturally musically inclined.  Her Effortless Music Instruction Products are intended to bring the joy of singing to people beyond her private teaching which she does by Skype and Zoom.    

  Effortless Singing with Brenda Freed, A Vocal Instruction 2 CD Set  

   Brenda Freed has developed techniques for singing and troubleshooting vocal problems that are accessible to anyone in her Effortless Singing Vocal Instruction CDs.  The first CD includes an Introduction to Effortless Singing, Warming Up the Body, Proper Singing Posture, Belly Breathing, Belly Breathing Exercises and Vocal Exercises With Instruction.  The second CD includes Vocal Exercises Without Instruction, Troubleshooting Common Vocal Problems and Healthy Vocal Maintenance. The second CD is useful while driving so you can turn your car into a practice studio. This vocal course is designed for anyone wanting to learn to sing or improve their singing in some way. Beginners as well as pros have benefited from the Effortless Singing vocal instruction. Brenda’s approach to her Effortless Singing Vocal Instruction Course is valuable to any singer, vocal music teacher, choir director, or parent wanting to encourage their child to sing.  


Effortless Harmony Singing with Brenda Freed,

A Vocal Harmony Instruction Course 2 CD Set  

   Brenda Freed has developed techniques for teaching harmony singing that are accessible to anyone with her Effortless Harmony Singing Vocal Instruction CDs.  The first CD presents instruction that teaches the music theory behind basic harmony singing, including major and minor intervals, chord arpeggios and interval singing practice.  CD 1 is recommended study before CD 2.  CD 2 teaches how to find harmony from any given note in the chord, and provides opportunities to practice singing chord arpeggios, rounds, partner songs and harmony to a song. Two people can study harmony singing together.  


  The complete 2 CD set is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn to sing harmony, male or female, and for experienced harmony singers who, for example, sing by ear and want to learn more about what they are doing.  The instruction, practice tracks and keyboard diagram insert are also useful for choral directors and general music teachers.


Estimated Value of the Effortless Singing CDs, Effortless Harmony Singing CDs and 4 Skype or Zoom lessons with Brenda Freed is $250.

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