Camp Nashbill

Virtual Campfire

hosted by: Bill Nash

Saturday, May 29th

9:30pm Central

If you would like to participate in the campfire on Saturday evening, starting at 9:30pm (click 'Refresh' on your browser just to be sure) click on the Camp NashBill photo below and it will magically link you to the Zoom Campfire. 

Camp Nashbill.jpg

About Camp NashBill

The camp location has always been in the same area (since 1998) near the Jack Hardy bridge in an area called "upper meadow", but very near "Sudden Creek" and the treeline that denotes the "lower meadow". With my name being Bill Nash and one of the nearest camps being Camp Nashville, it became easy for me to come up with the name Camp NashBill. People would come to my circles and say "is this Camp Nashville?", and I would say, "No, Camp Nashville is right over there, a few sites away... go over there and play your best song. Then after you are done trying to be a star, come back over here and play your worst song... that's the one I want to hear!" Invariably, they would be back not too much later. No agenda drives who comes to play at Camp NashBill circle. If a songwriter walks up to the circle and there is an open chair, I point to them, and then the chair… everyone’s welcome!