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CAMPGROUND ACCESS: Everyone must have a wristband in order to enter the campgrounds during the festival.  

  • SPEED LIMIT - Ranch speed limit is FIVE (5) MILES PER HOUR.  This applies to all vehicles including golf carts, tractors, and even bicycles.  This is for safety and to keep the dust down.  If you see dust in your rearview mirror you are going too fast!​

  • PARKED VEHICLES – Any vehicle parked on the road or blocking a road may be towed without notice at the owner’s expense.  Please Note:  because all the roadway adjacent to the Threadgill Theater will be required for artists load-in and load-out no golf carts or cars will be allowed to park beyond the barricades.  Golf carts will be allowed for drop off and pick up only, and the driver must always stay with the cart.

  • GOLF CARTS – Golf carts must observe the 5-mph rule.  All riders must be seated, in a seat. One person is allowed per seat, do not overload golf carts.  Standing on side bars or hanging off the back is not allowed. 


  • BICYCLES – No one under 12 may ride a bike on the ranch during the festival.  Any cyclists under 18 must wear a helmet.  Bike riding is only allowed on ranch roads, not in any grassy areas or on hills.  Bikes must observe the 5 mph speed limit.

  • ILLEGALLY PARKED VEHICLES - Unauthorized or non-permitted vehicles in the campgrounds will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Any vehicles blocking roads may be towed without notice.

  • AGE – No one under 18 years of age may camp without a parent our legal guardian present.

  • TRASH AND GEAR – Campers are responsible for the trash in their area.  Please make sure that all garbage is properly disposed of in the provided, lined trash barrels.  Recycle bins are available throughout the campgrounds.  IF YOU BROUGHT IT IN, TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!  THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR PALLETS, BLOCKS, AND FURNITURE!!!


  • SMOKING – PLEASE DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND!!  Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any covered structure including the Kerrtry store, crafts and food booths, the Threadgill Theater and the Festival Office.

  • ALCOHOL – Beer and wine will be available for purchase near the Threadgill restrooms and tap beer will be sold at the Kerrtry Store.  Only adults of legal age during legal drinking hours is allowed.  Loud, disruptive or violent behavior due to intoxication will not be tolerated.  KFFF serves beer and wine under a special event license issued by TABC and all rules regarding legal drinking hours must be strictly observed.  No alcoholic beverages in containers or coolers may be carried into the Threadgill Theater area (beyond the barricades or from the side or back of theater).  It is the responsibility of the camper to enforce underage drinking laws among all members of their group.  Public consumption and display of alcohol in common areas such as roads, potties, showers, and within the Theater area is prohibited by state law Monday through Saturday between midnight and 7:00 a.m. and on Sunday from 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m..  Alcohol consumption is permitted in the immediate vicinity of RV and camp sites.

  • CELL PHONES – Cell phone use is prohibited in Threadgill Theater.  Please silence your phone when music begins.  Selfie sticks are also prohibited.

  • FIREARMS – Due to our beer license, firearms are not permitted on the ranch even the owner has a legal permit.

  • LOUD, BOISTEROUS, OR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR – We want everyone to have a good time, but please be considerate of others.  The odd “howl at the moon” is permitted, but there is no need for incessant screaming.  No stereos or recorded music are allowed in the campgrounds at any time during the festival.  No Public Nudity.  Public display and/or use of illegal substances are strictly prohibited.  Amplified instruments are not permitted.  NO DRUMS!

  • PERSONAL CONDUCT – We are a community.  Each and every person is entitled to respectful and equitable treatment by others.  We should all act responsibly toward one another.  Mental, verbal, physical or sexual abuse (or unwanted sexual advances) by patrons, volunteers or staff WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and may result in a permanent ban from the festival and /or the Quiet Valley Ranch.  Always respect each other and each other’s property.  Fighting and other forms of violence are not allowed.  Know where your kids, and any other kids in your group, are playing at all times!

  • SECURING YOUR CAMP – Make sure your tents, canopies, etc. are tied down and secured against the wind and elements.  Sudden gusts of wind can roar through the campgrounds at any time that can turn an aluminum poled canopy into a deadly projectile.  Tents and or other gear should not be left unattended for too long.  If you go home during the mid-weeks, you should break down your tents and campsite.

  • RESPECTING THE RANCH – Maintaining the natural beauty of the Quiet Valley Ranch is important to us.  Altering, defacing or damaging the property is prohibited.  Cutting of trees or shrubs is not allowed.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE NAILS OR SCREWS INTO LIVE TREES!  DO NOT TIE OR LEAN ANYTHING ON TO LIVE TREES!  Digging, grading, building, or the planting of anything without prior consent of the campground management is prohibited.  If you need trimming or grounds maintenance performed in your area, call J.C. Hammond, Ranch Manager at 956-346-1143.  Please do not tie or lean anything on fences.  Please do not climb over any fences onto adjacent property.  Please do not break or modify the erosion control terraces or berms. 

  • PEST CONTROL – The use of poisons or insecticides by campers / tenants is prohibited.  The use of diatomaceous earth is allowed.  If you need ant or pest control performed in your camping area, visit or call, 830-257-7474, Ranch Central (next to the Mix Master campground entrance).

  • CAMPFIRES – Open fires should be within fire rings, BBQ grills, or outdoor type fireplaces.  LARGE BONFIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED!  Please keep fires small.  Fires are not allowed during periods of excessive drought or when Kerr County has issued a county wide burn ban.  During periods of a burn ban, only charcoal fires in BBQ grills are allowed.  Gathering of firewood on the property is not permitted.  Firewood, if available, can usually be found near the Kerrtry store behind the campground showers.  Please do not burn fires under trees, branches, or next to wooden structures.  Fires MUST be attended at all times, and must be completely extinguished before retiring for the night or departing the campsite.  Share fires when possible.

  • FIRST AID – We try to have a volunteer First Aid Crew on duty 24 hours a day.  The First Aid center is located at the east end of the Kennedy Theater food pavilion.  If needed, First Aid can be requested through one of our Festival Peace-Keepers (Security Volunteers in red shirts) or anyone wearing a festival radio.

  • UNAUTHORIZED SOLICITORS – The selling of food, beverages, merchandise, or services is prohibited in both the theater and the campgrounds, except for registered vendors.

  • LOST AND FOUND – located in Ranch Central by the Mix Master campground entrance.

  • DRONE FLIGHTS – are prohibited without written approval from the Festival Office.



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