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Chuck Cannon

Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Nashville, TN

I grew up in the low country of South Carolina listening to a lot of R&B, Gospel, Rock and Country. My music and stories are full of those old echoes. I've been fortunate that a pretty diverse array of fine artists from around the world have covered my songs, which have logged well over 25 million airplays! There have been more than a few critics who have said nice things about my songs as well as my solo projects, "GOD SHAPED HOLE," "LOVE & MONEY," and "SYMPHONY OF SCARS."
Such as that is always good to hear, but what matters most is what the fans feel when they do me the honor of listening.
I have a new "spoken word" project I am making available at my live shows. It's called "TRUE STORIES AND OTHER LIES." I hope to see you out there on the road ...

“A masterful guitarist, his style ranged from bluesy to classical to Irish/folk, all completely compelling... Throughout the night, either singing or storytelling, Cannon often had the audience in the palm of his hand – the man is an extremely gifted artist. ~Jim Simpson, No Depression”

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