CLUB 7 Sundown Concert

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Club 7 t-shirt.jpg

   On June 1, 2006, on the brand new Threadgill Theater stage, the "New Folk Club Seven" Sundown Concert was held, thus officially recognizing, for the first time, the existence of the unofficial club whose membership is comprised of all those who tied as the "7th Winner" of the New Folk competition through the years. Mike Williams emceed and was instrumental in bringing the project to fruition with the support of Dalis Allen. Several of the that year's Club 7 performers (see adjacent photo) had actually won at some point in the past, but since they had also at some point been Finalists and lost, are still considered to be members of Club 7. 

   Tom Frost gave each Club 7 performer a t-shirt, proclaiming the wearer as a proud member of the club. On the sleeve he had placed the appropriate number of stripes (masking tape) to indicate the number of years the member had appeared and not won, or as Mike said "lost, been rejected," etc. (all in good fun).  One bit of trivia about that year is Jack Hardy's shirt had a roman numeral "X" (masking tape) to indicate that although he officially had never been a Finalist, he had been incredibly rejected (tied for 33rd) ten times.

   There is a long-standing tradition of having a Club 7 concert at Camp Cuisine on Day 8 (Fajita Thursday) of KFF. It is hosted by Mike Williams and is always well attended. This year, Mike is hosting the concert once again on the Threadgill stage.