Club 7 Special Feature

club 7.jpg

At 7pm on Friday, June 5th, Camp Cuisine's Club 7 will host a special Zoom event that will be linked from this page and also available to view-only both live on this page (below) and on the KFF Event Facebook page.

What's Club 7 ??

When the Kerrville New Folk judges pick 6 WINNERS, a lot of great songs get left on the cutting-room floor.  Twenty years ago, Camp Cuisine began featuring an annual campground concert of New Folk LOSERS – folks who came in 7th in the judging.  Each Fajita Thursday, we set up Camp Cuisine with auditorium seating and volunteer sidemen, and we spotlight high-spirited performance of great songs that the judges snoozed through.  CLUB 7 has become a favorite event at Kerrville.  CLUB 7 members may later win New Folk and play the main stage, but our CLUB 7 motto is:  “Once a loser, always a loser, and be dang proud of it!”