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Doug Wintch

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Salt Lake City, UT

Utah songster Doug Wintch is best known for his compositions—Maybe Love, and Salt Lake City; both from his ’93 recording—Wooden Nickels. 


Two more albums followed—Checkin’ In (’96) recorded with Larry Nye, in Kingsland, TX. 

And Singin’ on the Job (2010) recorded with Evan Brubaker in Tacoma, WA.  


Doug’s first trip to the KFF was in ’93.

He was a New Folk finalist in ’05.


In addition to solo/acoustic work; Doug always keeps one foot in an electric/Americana band as well. “At present, we’re more of a weekly jam session than a band, but it’s always loud and fun and keeps us young!”


Doug’s songs will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.  He’s been called a Utah treasure…he’s definitely a Utah original. 


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