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Dr. Zog

Thursday, Oct. 15


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Austin, TX

   Listening to the music of the Dr. Zog band is like traveling to Cajun country. This upbeat, positive music with a driving beat takes your taste buds and heart to Louisiana and Southeast, Texas where gumbo, crawfish, and beer abound. Having grown up in Port Arthur, Texas, a hotbed for musical talent, Dr. Zog was infused with music from a young age. Music was always around his home, in the kitchen as his mom cooked and flowing from the living room where his grandparents played piano and accordion. With so much music around, it felt natural for Dr. Zog to have an instrument in his hands. What was surprising though was his innate ability to take a tune he heard and recreate it. There was no doubt music was in his soul.

   Zog took his swampadelic style of music to Austin, Tx. in 1989 and began performing at the roadhouses and festivals of Central Texas. He has a deep fried understanding of roots music and plays music to uplift and funkify the folks with fun, upbeat music with a positive message. Put on your alligator shoes and crawfish shuffle to our funky zydeco grooves.

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