Photo: Susan Roads

To apply to be a food vendor at Kerrville Folk Festival, please send an email to: with the following information:




Email Address:

Website &/or Facebook Page:

Description of typical food offered:

What is your typical vending format/location? (shared space, food truck, trailer?)

What are some other events where you have vended food?

About how many people do you typically serve on a daily basis?

Have you been to the Kerrville Music Festivals before?  If so, when?

Are you available for the entire Kerrville Folk Festival this year?

Are you available the week before &/or the few days after the KFF?

Please attach any photos that would support your application (e.g. food items, truck/trailer, menu, vending at other events, etc.)

We want to thank you for your interest in this year's Kerrville Folk Festival! 

Please keep in mind KFF food vending space is EXTREMELY limited.

We will keep your application on file, so if there is not available space this year,

we may still contact you in the future about food vending.