Details about the 2020 KFFF Annual General Membership Meeting

will posted here as soon as they become available.  

Join the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation!

Members have a vote and a voice.

Our events and programs include:  

Kerrville Folk Festival  *  Welcome Home Fest  *  Music Camp for Teens

Music at the Mansion  *  Grassy Hill New Folk Songwriting Competition


The Kerrville Folk Festival was founded by the late Rod Kennedy in 1972 and continued under his direction for 28 years. Over the course of those years, a powerful community bond had formed among Festival attendees. They could not imagine losing the gathering of their “chosen family.” Ultimately, a member-based non-profit, 501(c)(3) incorporation was formed. Joining the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation declares you are part of this on-going community, and your willingness to assure its continuance by giving it your financial support.

The KFFF flagship event, the Kerrville Folk Festival, is the longest continuously running music festival of its kind in the United States. During the Festival, we become the second largest community in Kerr County. Activities are provided for all ages with a focus on nurturing and developing artistic expression, especially the art of songwriting, in a loving, family friendly environment. With a very small paid staff, the KFFF is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, and a host of dedicated hard-working volunteers from across the country.

Our mission is to promote public appreciation and support for songwriters, the songwriting craft, and the gift folk music offers the world.


Our vision is of a community where songwriters and their craft are treasured and supported, and folk music is valued and enjoyed by people of all ages and circumstances.


Our purpose is to educate the public about the benefits and characteristics of songs, that in time, are deemed “folk music”. We provide a unique experience in a musical community that is enriching to the listeners and the performers.

Cosy Sheridan and Charlie Koch

Jaimee Harris




KFFF members own the Kerrville Folk Festival, our flagship event, and additionally these amazing programs:


  • Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition

  • Welcome Home Festival

  • Music Camp for Teens (co-produced with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas)

  • Music at the Mansion (co-produced with Schreiner University)


Throughout the year, KFFF members receive newsletters from the Executive Director and the KFFF Board regarding the programs, financials, volunteer opportunities, and gatherings such as Summit meetings, wherein members and volunteers convene in order plan for future Foundation activities. Members are provided information and vote on candidates for Board positions and by-law changes, and members are invited to member-only gatherings to celebrate and socialize.


KFFF is funded by memberships, ticket sales, donations, grants, and festival retail sales. Collectively, this income covers the costs of Festival operations, programs, the site, capital projects and administration – all building the path to a sustainable future.


During the Festival, Foundation members who visit the Foundation’s booth at Kennedy Theater typically receive a Foundation T-shirt designed specifically for the upcoming membership year and several other gifts. (For 2020: Due to COVID Survival cost cutting, members will receive a merchandise voucher in lieu of a 2020 Foundation T shirt.) Foundation members who join at higher levels are also eligible to receive tickets for the next Festival, premium parking passes, backstage access, golf carts, free admission to an upcoming Music at the Mansion Concert and more.

Most importantly, all members receive the gift of knowing they support a community characterized by a spirit of safety and love for one another, and its love for the power of songs that inspire us to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Each member is celebrated with “Welcome Home” and extended gratitude for joining this community that celebrates life with authenticity, acceptance and appreciation for art.

John Eddleman, Carrie Colley, Kelly McQuerns

Bernice Lewis




Each June 15th marks the beginning of a new membership year. Membership dues must be paid on or before April 15th each membership year in order to vote in the next Annual General Membership Meeting (which is typically in May, but in 2020 will be in October).  After April 15th, membership dues are applied to the following membership year.


To any members who have not renewed by June 15th, renewal notices will be emailed monthly, however if a member has not renewed by Oct. 15th, and joins later, they are regarded as a new member.

Confused?  Examples for Clarification…


A member renews or joins for the first time before/on April 15, 2020

  • Membership year is June 15, 2019 – June 14, 2020.  

  • Receives a $15 KFF Merchandise Voucher and other cool gifts at the 2020 Festival

  • Eligible to vote in the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting


A member renews or joins for the first time between April 16, 2020 - Oct. 18, 2020

  • Membership year is June 15, 2020 – June 14, 2021

  • Receives a $15 KFF Merchandise Voucher and other cool gifts at the 2020 Festival

  • Eligible to vote in the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting

A member renews or joins for the first time after Oct. 18, 2020

  • Membership year is June 15, 2020 – June 14, 2021

  • Receives cool Member gifts at the 2021 Festival

  • Eligible to vote in the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting

Kelly 'Whoa' Falgout

Kim & Mary McDowell



Typically, an Annual General Membership meeting is held each year during  Kerrville Folk Festival. Despite not being able to gather in-person, there is still an Annual General Membership Meeting planned for 2020; details are forthcoming. During your membership year, you are invited to attend and vote for open positions on the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation Board of Directors and any proposed by-law changes.  

Basic Membership:  $100 / $75 renewal

You will be supporting the Foundation and its on-going support of folk music and the singer songwriter community; and you are invited to pick up a $15 KFF Merchandise gift certificate, KFF bumper sticker, and limited edition KFF Compilation CD at the Foundation Booth during the next Festival.  

Basic Membership:  $100

Basic Membership

Renewal:  $75

Folkie Membership:  $250


Basic Membership benefits, plus a 2nd limited edition KFF Compilation CD, 

gift voucher for one KFF Live CD, and an additional $15 KFF Merchandise gift certificate.

Kerrvert Membership: $500

Basic Membership benefits, plus a $30 KFF Merchandise gift certificate,

gift vouchers for two additional KFF Live CD’s, and a KFF Tote Bag.

Bridger Membership $1,000

Kerrvert Membership benefits, plus one KFF Complete Ticket Package (for one person).

Damron Membership:  $1,500

Kerrvert Membership benefits for two people, plus two KFF Complete Ticket Packages, plus a Preferred Parking Pass and VIP backstage access during the Festival.

Threadgill Membership:  $2,500

Damron Membership Benefits, plus a $150 KFF Merchandise Gift Certificate 

and an engraved plaque on a commemorative bench.  

Kennedy Membership:  $5,000

Threadgill Membership benefits, plus personal use of a golf cart throughout the Festival.

Peter Yarrow Membership:  $10,000 or more

Please call the office and ask for the Executive Director to design your benefit package.



We'd LOVE to talk to you more about any donation amount you wish. Please email the office at:  info@kerrville-music.com or call us at (830) 257-3600. Please call the office and ask for the Executive Director to design your benefit package.