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Happy Karma Hemp
Laran Snyder


   Welcome to Happy Karma® Hemp. We are the original Austin-based and women-owned CBD company. Our founder/owner, Laran Snyder, is a Kerrvert who was actually born in Kerrville. Every product available through Happy Karma has been proprietarily-formulated after intense research, handcrafted then 528Hz sound & Reiki-infused with love  in Austin, Texas. We do not sell other brands, nor do we "white/private label" generic products. This is how we guarantee the very best: Plain and simple 100% organic extracts, organic oils and kosher & organically-grown/extracted whole-plant full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) from Oregon. (NO Isolates or synthetics, ever! Honest). Helping others while giving back to the planet by ethically-sourcing sustainably-grown and cruelty-free ingredients is very important to us. We believe that "We all create Happy Karma by helping others." Happy Karma goes out in abundance, and returns when and how it is supposed to. That's the beauty of the cycle. It is a pleasure to be the very first Auction donor to help preserve the beloved Kerrville Folk Festival. We are honored to be a part of your wellness journey!

What’s so interesting about Hemp & Hemp-derived CBD?

By Laran Snyder  (8/17/2020)

    Just over 81 years ago, Hemp and it’s famous cousin Marijuanna were lumped together and outlawed in the United States. Although Hemp had medicinal uses that did NOT cause any psychedelic effects, the male hemp plant had many textile uses that were a huge threat to early 20th century industries such as logging, cotton farming, steel & petroleum, to name a few. You see, the male Hemp plant grows to full size with very little water and no pesticides within 3 short months. Hemp plants are tall, strong and fibrous, unlike cousin Marijuanna that is shorter, wider, leafier and quite the “princess” of plants. Hemp likes to be left alone. Once fully grown, it had/has the ability to potentially replace other products, so lobbyist rivals got it outlawed alongside Marijuanna. Henry Ford owned acres of Hemp that he was studying while designing an automobile that would be lighter, stronger than steel and fueled by Hemp, itself. (Subsequently, he was allowed to keep his fields of Hemp to make a prototype after the 1937 law making Hemp and Marijuanna illegal, and his Hemp plastic automobile was finished in 1941).

 Hemp naturally grows wild on all 7 continents and can:

• feed

• clothe

• absorb Co2 to create oxygen

• re-nitrogenate soil

• filter rain water and fill aquifers

• be used for alternative medicinal treatments

• biodegrade

• replace harmful plastics

• replace trees

• make 25,000 products!


  The female Hemp plant contains over 120 naturally occurring cannabinoids. The two most known cannabinoids are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana contains very high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. THC is the one cannabinoid that causes someone to feel “high”. It’s cousin Hemp, like anyone’s cousin, belongs in the same family and has similarities yet has differences. Hemp has high levels of CBD and such low levels of THC (0.3%) that it is impossible to achieve the psychoactive or “high” effect.  CBD is being used by millions of Americans for relief from a long list of things including pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and insomnia.

   Happy Karma Hemp only uses the best organic Full-plant Hemp extract (CBD), grown by our friendly farmers in Oregon and proprietarily formulated in Austin, Texas by a fellow Kerrvert.


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The Happy Karma Deluxe CBD Health & Wellness Package includes:
• One -1000mg Bottle of Organic CBD (sublingual)
• One - 300mg Tin of Organic CBD Relief Salve (topical)
• Two - 25mg Tins of Organic Calm CBD Lip Balm

            (1- vanilla mint, 1- lavender rosemary)
• One - Grounded
TM Ethical Wildcrafted Palo Santo Smudging

            Crystal Spray (no CBD)
• One - ChillaxTM Organic Cooling Crystal Spray (no CBD)
• One - 2oz Clean Hands Hand Sanitizer (no CBD)
• One - Gift Basket/container

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Deluxe CBD Health & Wellness Package

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