Harmonica as COPD Therapy

​Please check back this winter for information about Harmonica as COPD Therapy that will be offered in 2020 during the 49th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival. All information below is for the recently completed 2019 Harmonica as COPD Therapy. This was the first year the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation featured the event, and all are proud of the service it provided!

If you are an individual with COPD, the ‘COPD Foundation COPD360music: Harmonicas for Health’ program can help you:


• Learn how to have better control of your breathing

• Exercise the muscles that help pull air in and push air out of the lungs

• Strengthen abdominal muscles for a more effective cough

• Boost self-confidence, relieve stress

• Socialize with others and have fun

• Reported benefits include: decreased shortness of breath, increased sputum mobilization and increased quality of life.


You do not have to be an expert player or have any musical experience to benefit from playing the harmonica. You can take a harmonica anywhere. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Making music with a harmonica can help you feel better overall, and it is a lot of fun! 


During this workshop you will learn the basics of playing the harmonica, caring for your harmonica, and how to continue and improve on your own. 


Each participant will receive a Big River Harmonica (Key of C) donated by Hohner USA along with an instruction book published by the COPD Foundation. There is no charge to attend this program however donations of $10 or more are welcome!!  Class size is strictly limited so if you plan to attend please register in advance by completing the e-form below; and if your plans change and you cannot attend – please let us know so we can accommodate another participant on a wait list.

This workshop will be held in the Staff Central Conference Room. The workshop is limited to 8 students.

Kitty Collins is a Respiratory Therapist that learned to play the harmonica 7 years ago along with some COPD patients in her Pulmonary Rehabilitation program in Austin, TX.  Two of the original harmonica players with COPD have continued to host bi-monthly harmonica meetings and will be in attendance to share their experiences and help with this workshop.

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