2017 Harmonica Workshop Faculty

June 5-7, 2017

Rob Roy Parnell, Director

Every now and then you come across a really great day. The day has been good. Work is over. You are riding with the one you love sitting next to you with the sun just about to set. The temperature outside is cool with a slight breeze. Everything is feeling just right. As the sun slowly works it's way down into the horizon, you know in your heart that you are living a very good life. Hard earned, but good.
If it were possible to bottle that emotion and keep it in a place where you could pull it out whenever you needed a boost, it would most definitely be found on the latest compilation of works from Hohner Harmonicist, Rob Roy Parnell.
Parnell's new CD, Jacksboro Highway, proves itself to be an integral part of what original Blues stands for today. A very well organized and masterful piece of works that displays material and emotions representing that of a veteran Blues musician.

Peter Madcat Ruth

Madcat's experience is extensive. He has been an invited guest performer at many harmonica festivals in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. His harmonica playing is heard on over 100 CDs and LPs. National television and radio appearances, symphony orchestra performances, radio and television advertisements, and harmonica workshops all attest to Madcat's reputation as one of the best and most versatile harmonica players in the world.

Gary Allegretto

Allegretto's performances have captivated audiences from the stages of venues and festivals worldwide and his recordings have received multiple Grammy Award nomination considerations. His music has topped the Blues and Roots radio charts internationally. On stage his live shows have attracted guest performances by famous musicians such as Prince, Mick Taylor, Warren Haynes, David Lee Roth, Rick James and celebrity musicians such as Queen Latifah, Bruce Willis, and Dennis Quaid. He is the 2011 recipient of the Blues Foundation's prestigious "Keeping the Blues Alive" award. He's been praised in the pages of prominent Blues press including Blues Revue, Blueswax, Living Blues, Big City Blues, Blues Matters, and more. Critics have called his musicianship "world class", "masterful", 'jaw-dropping", and "exemplary". His songs can be found on film and television productions including the soundtracks of Johnny Depp's film "Rum Diary" and the national PBS television program "Roadtrip Nation". Gary is prominently featured in the KBA award winning harmonica documentary film "Pocket Full Of Soul". He has performed nationally & internationally both backed by his all-star electric band and/or acoustically. His performances never fail to catch the intrigue of his audiences, often including prominent musicians and occasional celebrities. For two decades Hohner, the world’s top harmonica manufacturer, has enthusiastically endorsed Allegretto.

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