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I See Hawks In L.A.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

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Los Angeles, CA

​​​ SEE HAWKS IN L.A. are Southern California’s leading alt country/Americana/folk rock band, with nine critically acclaimed releases. 

The Hawks are noted for their lyrical celebrations and lamentations of earth and ecosphere, odes to the endless highway, and wry social commentary. They’ve gathered a loyal tribe around the globe, from many U.S. and Europe/UK tours, consistently rave reviews from critics, and a serious presence in the top 10 of the Freeform American Roots chart (#1 four times, including a #1 debut for “Live And Never Learn”), the Americana Chart, and the Euro Americana chart (top ten several times).

Formed in 1999 by Rob Waller and brothers Paul and Anthony Lacques during a philosophical discussion and rock throwing session on an East Mojave desert trek, I See Hawks In L.A. first gathered on the front porch in Echo Park, Los Angeles, drank whiskey and wrote their first batch of songs. They then sought advice from local country rock guru David Jackson (John Denver, Dillard and Clark, EmmyLou Harris).

The mid-oughts saw the Hawks embraced by many of their roots predecessors, billed across the country with Lucinda Williams, Dave Alvin, Old 97s, The Mavericks, Peter Case, Bernie Leadon, Chris Hillman and Herb Petersen, Meat Puppets, and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Most recent release Mystery Drug was a return to the surreal and fearless wordplay of early 2000s Hawks method–a reconvening of the tribe, the stellar musicians that enrich the Hawks sound, introducing new drummer and songwriter Victoria Jacobs, with musings on Starbucks baristas as surrogate friends, Irish ancestors trekking across Texas, Comanche ghosts watching aquifers wither, and existence as a moral construct.

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