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In Memoriam
hosted by Tom Prasada-Rao & Crow Johnson Evans

Monday, May 29, 2023

​  The Kerrville Folk Festival pivots off Memorial Day weekend, a time when we remember and celebrate loved ones we have lost.  At the 50th Kerrville Folk Festival, Tom Prasada-Rao hosted a beautiful celebration the evening of Memorial Day.  This year, he will be joined by Crow Johnson Evans as the festival community remembers those who have crossed through song.

Memorial luminaries will be available to honor individuals you want to remember.

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crow johnson evans 2.jpg

​ Songs to be shared by

Steve Seskin honoring Burt Bacharach (1928-2023), Cary Cooper honoring Chris Everwine, Johnsmith honoring Rex Foster (1946-2022), Bernice Lewis, Mariah Lewis, & Janet Feld honoring Christine McVie (1943-2022), Bill Ward honoring Dave Carter (1952-2002), Tom Prasada-Rao and PPR honoring Fathers and Tom Prasada-Rao Sr., Eric Schwartz honoring BW Stevenson (1949-1988), Mary Gauthier honoring Loretta Lynn (1932-2022), Chris Chandler & Kristin Dewitt honoring recent school losses, Amara Yachimski honoring Mothers, Bill Muse honoring Ben Bullington (1945-2013), Siobahn Quinn & Michael Bowers honoring Sarah Elizabeth Campbell (1953-2013), Mike Williams honoring Steve Fromholtz (1945-2014), Crow Johnson Evans honoring Kate Wolf (1942-1986), plus other special guests.

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