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In Memory of Phil Fletcher
Camp Cuisine

♥  We Miss You Phil  ♥


  Longtime Kerrvert Philipi E. "Phil" Fletcher of McAllen & Cedar Park, Texas passed away on August 9, 2020.  Phil is fondly remembered by a wide circle of friends and colleagues. He was a regular attendee of the Kerrville Folk Festival, where he was a founding member of the legendary Camp Cuisine, which took its name from Phil's cooking skills. Phil enjoyed running the camp kitchen (which included a pizza oven), feeding his campmates and passing musicians with an outstanding array of meals. Phil will be deeply missed, not only for his cooking, but for his warm and open personality. He was also a great pool player. A great mechanic, joke and story teller, and rancher with one cow. He was one of a kind, and we sure miss him.

  We are so honored that Phil chose to endow to the KFF Foundation a treasured piece of art by Kerrvert C.P. Vaughn. This timeless print is one for the ages! 


  Created by photographer and long-time Kerrvert C.P. Vaughn, "Honeysuckle Rose" is a framed and autographed picture of Willie Nelson, and the first art print in a limited series released in 1980 by Fort Worth art company "Lone Star Legends". 

  C.P. Vaughn was an extra in the Willie Nelson film "Honeysuckle Rose" c. 1980 and the artist took many photos of Willie on set, one of which was used as reference for this drawing. The title of the print is "Honeysuckle Rose" and not only is it #1 in the limited edition print series, it is autographed by both C.P. Vaughn and Willie Nelson, the red-headed stranger himself!

   Other prints from this series have gone for $2000.00 to $5000.00 in previous art auctions. Deepest of thanks to Phil Fletcher, and to his executor Steve Wood, for bequeathing this classic work to benefit the KFF Foundation!

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