Jaime Michaels

Monday, May 28 // sundown concert

There has always been music in Jaimeʼs life, whether it was singing church hymns in Latin, his parents playing the old upright piano in the parlor, or his Uncle Joe teaching him his first chords. When Joe entered the army, he left an old guitar with Jaime, and later started to send Jaime albums by the Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul & Mary and Bob Dylan. Then Jaime discovered the musician who, to this day, remains his all-time musical hero, Boston folkie Tom Rush. Tom was and is a genius at finding songs that speak universally. Jaime listened and learned. 

Heʼs recorded ten solo albums so far, each filled with finely crafted songs that showcase his passionate voice and the varied musical influences heʼs absorbed over the years. His 2011 release, “the man with the time machine” was named Album of the Year by the New Mexico Music Awards. He won the same award in 2014 for his album “unknown blessings”. 

Jaime’s travels take him around the US and occasionally to Europe, playing house concerts, festivals, and arts venues. Just Jaime and his wonderfully worn Taylor guitar. And the songs. 

As Mark S.Tucker remarks in his FAME review of Jaimeʼs album, "the man with the time machine", “Michaels watches the side currents of life, not the hurtlingly frantic noise and images...far more the missed opportunities, the mistakes, the wrinkles in the heart. We may be living through the 21st century, but work like his takes us back to a Mayberry that's a lot scruffier around the edges, an indeterminate era when our fantasies about such things danced a little differently.”