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John Elliott

Saturday, June 4, 2022


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San Francisco, CA

  "A legend among songwriters…bold and brave…incredible poet and performer…his shows are not to be missed.

-The Austin Chronicle

  John Elliott is the Andy Kaufman of folk music.  "Plaintive, soft-spoken and with vulnerability front and center, John Elliott’s music rides a diagonal which crosses the early work of Ben Gibbard. For those who wish the Death Cab singer’s work had stayed bedroom-sized instead of distending into stadium rock, Elliott’s gentle Rhodes and reverby guitar may have what you’ve been missing. On the recent album North Star, the California singer projects internal desires for meaning, connection and escape onto the night sky, following the same celestial metaphor for freedom that has inspired dreamers for generations.  -Good Times Santa Cruz

  "Many heard tell of a legend among songwriters: John Elliott."  J. Wagner, who regularly writes with Gregory Alan Isakov and has worked with Elliott before, describes him as “someone who has opened a different door. ...He’s found the right room,” Wagner continues. “He’s bold and brave. He out tricked the trickster... He’s the real deal, an honest writer.”

  Amy Sue Berlin says “Elliott’s songs will take you on an emotional roller coaster. He brilliantly describes the raw realities of his unique perspectives of life. The passion behind his voice and his words makes you feel as if you are a character in his story.”

   The Corvallis Gazette-Times writes “...He has an affection for the malleability of language, the clever twists of phrase, an appreciation for the liquid kinship between rhythm and sounds — how they collide in beautiful violence, how they stand as ideas and images — even if they ordinarily wouldn’t deign to dance together or be seen in the same room.”

   Andrew Pressman, local bassist for Ben Kweller, Hayes Carll, and Raina Rose, asserts: “Elliott is a “brilliant voice in contemporary post-Seinfeld eyebrow rock. He understands the subtle differences between vibin’ and flowin’. He’s an incredible poet and performer. His shows are not to be missed.”

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