Sing A-Long to Heal in the Wisdom 2020

The plan is to compile audio/video recordings of individuals singing Bobby Bridger's song "Heal in the Wisdom", and layer it so that we are all singing together (both in audio & video.) In order to make this happen, we must all sing the song at the same pace, so you'll have to sing precisely at Bobby Bridger's pace, as heard on the video or mp3 player below.  If you would like to participate in this effort to virtual-ize our beloved festival anthem with your KFF Family, you may submit a video recording

if you follow all the instructions below.

First, please first read through these instructions to prepare your recording.


When you are ready, sing the entire song to the guide track while recording a video.  Below is the guide track.


You will need to wear headphones or an earbud since we don’t want the guide track on your vocal.  


Play the track into the headphones or earbuds and use some other device to shoot the video.  


Please shoot your video Horizontal or in Landscape if possible.  


Make the highest quality video you can, but phone quality is plenty good as long as there is no background noise.  If you have some kind of recording setup, please use it and send us separate audio.  24bit/48K is ideal, but we can convert whatever you send.  If you do record audio separately make sure your file starts with the guide track and sing along on the entire song.  Don’t worry if you mess up on the verses, we will probably only use choruses, but by singing the entire song it helps us find where you are on your track.


Once you are happy with your recording, please rename the files to include your name, then  

upload your video and audio files (if separate) and send to Neale Eckstein:


Please send an email to and let us know you submitted an audio track.  When we “publish” the final version, we will send you an email with a link so you can hear the song with our community voices!


Please submit your recording by June 30th.  


Thank you for participating and join us in a big thanks to Neale Eckstein for making this happen!!

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