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2020 Sing-A-Long to Heal in the Wisdom

The deadline to submit a video into the Heal in the Wisdom sing-a-long has passed, but make sure to watch the end of the final Evening Concert on Oct. 18, 2020 to enjoy this amazing community project, graciously edited by Festival Friend Neale Eckstein. Huge Thanks to Neale and Everyone who participated!!

If you want to read about the project, details are below.

    The plan is to compile audio/video recordings of individuals singing Bobby Bridger's song "Heal in the Wisdom", and layer it so that we are all singing together (both in audio & video.) In order to make this happen, we must all sing the song at the same pace, so you'll have to sing with Bobby Bridger, as heard on the video or mp3 player below.  Festival Friend, Neale Eckstein, has agreed to make this miracle occur for us! If you would like to participate in this effort to virtual-ize our beloved festival anthem with your KFF Family, you may submit a video recording by following these instructions:

Helpful tip:  First, read through these instructions to prepare your recording.

Decide where you are going to record your video.  Think about your background, and of course, we’d be delighted to see you in a Kerrville t shirt!

Get whatever device(s) you are using to record the audio and video set up and stabilized or have someone shoot for you. 

Please shoot your video in a horizontal or landscape orientation.

You will need headphones or an earbud to listen to the guide track when YOU are singing since we don’t want the guide track on YOUR vocal. 

However, when you START your recording, play the guide track so Neale can hear it and sync up your recording with the guide track.

Sometime in the first verse of the song, plug in your headphones or earbuds so that only you can hear the song, and then sing the rest of the song with the guide track.

Below is the guide track and the lyrics.

Use the highest quality video you can, but phone quality is plenty good as long as there is no background noise. 

If you have an audio recording setup, you can send us the audio separately as long as they are both recorded in the same take.  

24bit/48K is ideal, but we can convert whatever you send.  If you do record audio separately make sure your file starts with the guide track and sing along on the entire song.  Don’t worry if you mess up on the verses, we will probably only use choruses, but by singing the entire song it helps us find where you are on your track.

Once you are happy with your recording, please rename the files to include your name, then upload your video and audio files (if separate) and send to Neale Eckstein:

 We will play the final version with our community voices on Sunday, Oct. 18th to close out the 2020 Kerrville Folk Festival Virtual Celebration.

Please submit your recording by Oct. 1!

 Thank you for participating and join us in a big thanks to Neale Eckstein for making this happen!!

HitW Video
Heal in the Wisdom GuideArtist Name
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Heal in the Wisdom Lyrics


1st Verse

I knew a man who had it all for a while.

He was smart rich and handsome with a beautiful smile

Everybody who met him felt nothing to hide

But while still a young man with so much ahead

He just laid down and he died.



There is a reason, and there is a rhyme

There is a season, and there is a time

There is a purpose, and there is a plan

And one day together we’ll heal in the wisdom

And we’ll understand


2nd Verse

And I knew a woman with nothing at all

With no one to catch her she had a sad fall.

But while on the bottom she learned how to see

And today she is flying and teaching her brothers

That they can be free.  She sings…




3rd Verse

I knew a country with visions that dream

All the people were equal or so it all seemed

But gaining oneness with our fellow man

Is so useless not knowing the spirit of oneness

We share with the land.  She sings…




4th Verse

And I know a people beginning to learn

It all moves together the wheel always turns

And we must act swiftly but carefully too

And if we are honest and learn to believe

We just might continue; to sing…



Yes, one day together we’ll heal in the wisdom


And we’ll understand

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