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Leo Rondeau

Sunday, October 9, 2022

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Nashville, TN

Leo Rondeau deals in stories - candid, honest and plainspoken - and like all great story tellers, examines life in all its twinges, sorrows, victories, and joys.

As a child of the rural American west and owning lineage within the Chippewa Indian tribe, Rondeau’s narrative finds roots in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, where he grew up surrounded by country music listeners and pickers spanning three generations. Influenced by Hank Williams, Townes Van Zandt and Doug Sahm, Rondeau possesses a unique history and worldview that informs a nuanced perspective.

Rondeau, an established performer in Austin, TX before relocating to Nashville, has tours of the US, Australia, and Europe under his belt, and carefully road tested the majority of his new release, Right on Time. The result is a confident, timeless tribute to devotion, loss, and atonement, all through the distinct voice of a modern country troubadour unafraid to explore life’s somber realities while illuminating the subtle hope within.

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