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Lili Hickman Waldon

Monday, June 5, 2023


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Austin, TX


​Lili Hickman is a born and bred Austinite. Not only were they raised here, but smack in the center of the music scene. The child of musician Sarah Hickman, Lili grew-up around the stage and many of Austin’s premiere musicians. A life of experiences and culture that Lili describes as “exhilarating and intimidating.”

Hickman began writing songs as early as 3 or 4, morphing into a full musician in their own right around 18, performing their folk songs as Lili Blessing. It wasn’t long before the acoustic guitar got traded in for synthesizers and arpeggiators. In 2019, along with fellow Austinite Mason Ables, pop duo Flora & Fawna made their debut, immediately making waves and creating buzz all around town. Their debut EP came out in September of 2019, mere months before COVID-19 put live music on an indefinite pause.

Despite a long hiatus, Flora & Fawna continued to release music through the pandemic, leading up their return to the stage and EP in summer 2022.

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