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Michael D'Eath & Brenda Freed
Moondance Studios
(Albert, TX)

  Brenda & Michael have been attending the Kerrville Folk Festival since the 1990s. Both have volunteered extensively at the Festival. They have also both taught KFF workshops and performed on the Threadgill stage. Brenda also founded and hosted the Young Artist Performance Incubator (YAPI), an open mic for youth (, held annually since 2013 as a Foundation program on the Threadgill Theater stage. Michael was honored to serve on the board of the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation (formerly TFMF) for 8 years, including as Chairperson for 5 of those years. 


Him & Her is Brenda & Michael’s performing band, currently promoting their third album “Him & Her Do Texas Women(2018). 


Him & Her is a bluesy, jazzy, folksy duo playing primarily original music, featuring singer-songwriter Brenda Freed on vocals, and guitar or piano and Michael D’Eath (“DEE-uth”) on diatonic or chromatic harmonica. The duo becomes a trio with Jonathan Lee on lead guitar. Him & Her also plays as a full band adding bass, percussion and harmony vocals. 


Brenda and Michael are also members of Austin Music Award-winning Texas Hot Flash, a cappella and then some, who have produced 3 albums to date. Brenda also has 3 solo albums under her belt. More details about Him & Her can be enjoyed here: 

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Auction Item

10 Hours of Recording/Mixing Time at

Moondance Recording Studios in Albert, TX

Brenda and Michael are pleased to support The Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation by offering 10 hours of recording/mixing time at Moondance Recording Studios in Albert, to be completed during 2020 or 2021, with reasonable production help as needed.  Estimated value $350-500


In 2003, Brenda Freed and Michael D’Eath established a recording studio, Moondance Recording Studios, where they work together as a team in engineering, recording, mixing and producing. They are headquartered at a purpose-built, solar-powered studio in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, in Albert, Texas. They record either in the Studio in Albert, TX, or remotely.  The Studio in Albert features a 2-room arrangement, which can accommodate several musicians recording at the same time. We also have separate space for using mic-ed amplifiers, if needed. 


The studio has a selection of quality microphones and stands for vocals, percussion, guitar, amps, acoustic bass, harmonica and most other wind and stringed instruments. Our dedicated recording platform features Pro Tools, 8 mic-preamps and a 16-channel headphone system for best results.


The quiet, somewhat remote, surroundings provide a most relaxing atmosphere in which to create and record music or spoken word.

For a reasonable additional fee, Brenda & Michael can also provide instrument tracks including diatonic & chromatic harmonica, rhythm guitar, keyboard, vocals, harmony and bass. For mastering, and some complex mixing, Moondance Recording Studios works in collaboration with other studios. 


Moondance Recording Studios has recorded over 20 albums, plus over 20 demo CDs, many for their publishing company, Moondance Treasures Music Publishing. The list of songwriters, writers and musicians they have recorded is extensive and includes spoken word as well as studio and live music projects.


More details about Moondance Studios can be found here: 

Contact to talk about a project. 

Covid-19 note: We are careful with our health, and make this offer under the assumption that the winning bidder will join us in wearing masks when practical, respecting social distance, and in coming to the studio healthy during this strange time.

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