Mr. Will

Family Concert
Sunday, October 10, 2021

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Austin, TX

  Whether it’s encouraging toddlers to jump around and shout out their favorite mode of transportation (Excavator!), or persuading couples to two-step while singing along to original Americana tunes, “Mr. Will” Dupuy has energized crowds for two decades with lively, toe-tapping and often interactive music. A multifaceted singer/songwriter, Will entertains the young and young-at-heart with children’s concerts and country music sets, frequently performing both in the same event to provide a full day of entertainment for all ages.

  Mr. Will taps into the developmental and interactive aspects of raising kids with fun songs, while showcasing a rambunctious spirit in live concerts for the under-seven crowd. The greatest charm of his shows is how the infectious melodies, combined with upbeat lyrics, get undeniable stuck in your head. “It's nice to play events that are kid-centric, and yet the parents enjoy themselves just as much,” Will said. “Being a parent has given me the gift of empathy when it comes to picky eaters, brushing teeth, improving motor skills and all the developmental things we experience as parents.” With original hits like “Macaroni and Cheese” and “Cubba Bubba,” he has a blast teaching and entertaining a new, growing generation of music lovers.

  Hip dads may catch nods to Grateful Dead tunes slipped into the music for kiddos, and it's not uncommon for a parent to hire Will for private and corporate events. Some parents might also recognize Will’s voice and showmanship from songs like “La Tampiquena” and “Feelin’ Easy,” or his pre-kid days of touring with the South Austin Jug Band. But that's what music is all about — bringing people together and having fun, no matter the age.