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Music at the Mansion

Concert Series

Artists Underwriter

Carlton Club Inn

Saturday February 11, 3:30 p.m.

Schreiner Junkin Campus Ministry Center Recital Hall

  • ​Michael Hearne

  • Georgia Parker's Western Swing Band

Click here for more info about this Complimentary Season Kickoff Concert   

Saturday March 11, 3:30 p.m. 

Schreiner Junkin Campus Ministry Center Recital Hall

  • ​Buddy Mondlock

  • Albert & Gage

Saturday April 15, 3:30 p.m.

Schreiner Junkin Campus Ministry Center Recital Hall

  • ​Louise Mosrie Coombe

  • Cliff Eberhardt

Thursday May 25, 7 p.m.

Kerrville Folk Festival, Quiet Valley Ranch

2022 & 2023 Members Bonus Concert*

*In the 2022 Season we only presented 4 concerts rather than 5, so we owe you! In lieu of a concert featuring 2 artists, we offer each of you free VIP admission to the 2023 Kerrville Folk Festival opening night Thursday, May 25, 2023. 

  • ​Bill Muse

  • John Fullbright

  • Pat Byrne

  • Gina Chavez


Saturday Sept. 9, 3:30 p.m.

Schreiner Junkin Campus Ministry Center Recital Hall

  • Michael Lille​

  • Cosy Sheridan & Charlie Koch


Saturday Oct. 21, 3:30 p.m.

Schreiner Junkin Campus Ministry Center Recital Hall

  • ​RJ Cowdery

  • Spencer LaJoye

Saturday Nov. 18, 3:30 p.m.

Schreiner Junkin Campus Ministry Center Recital Hall

  • ​Matt Nakoa

  • Blue Water Highway

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    Music at the Mansion is a concert series presented by the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation and Schreiner University.  The Kerrville Folk Festival wanted an opportunity to give Kerrville residents a taste of the music Kerrville Folk Fest attendees come to Kerrville to hear each year.  Schreiner University owned the Schreiner Mansion located in downtown Kerrville and wanted to demonstrate the use of the Mansion as a place for events.  From its inception in 2013, the concerts were offered as a series of six concerts a year and attendees purchased an annual membership. In 2015 the ownership of the Schreiner Mansion was transferred from Schreiner University to the Cailloux Foundation, and the series was moved from the Schreiner Mansion to the Schreiner University Campus.

    Each concert features two artists.  Artists invited to play Music at the Mansion are all songwriters who have played or are booked to play at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

    Memberships are $500 and include admission for two along with a pre-concert reception giving guests a chance to mingle with one another and the artists prior to the show.  No more than 45 memberships are sold each year to assure guests have a quality, intimate experience.

   Each year, the February Concert is designated as a time when members can bring guests or those interested in becoming members may attend for a preview of the experience.  Members typically turn in their annual renewals at this concert.  Members are asked to RSVP for each concert to determine if there is any space available for guests.  Subject to availability, individuals may attend a concert for $50.  Additionally, Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation members may make a reservation and attend one concert a year, free of charge, subject to availability.   

   For additional information or to make a reservation for a concert, please contact Cierra Green at Schreiner University.  Her email address is and her phone number is 830-792-7454. 



  • Sustaining Membership ($500): Personal patronage for the series, entitling the member to two tickets to each concert and admission to each reception. Recognition as a supporter of the series, and first option on additional tickets and subsequent season renewal.

  • Gold Sponsors ($1,000): Business or Organizational sponsorship, enabling us to display your entity name/logo on all advertising and promotional materials. Gold sponsors will also receive two tickets to each concert and admission to each reception.

  • Artist Underwriter ($2,500): Organization receives “Presented by” credits on all advertising and promotional materials for one concert.  In addition, the Artist Underwriter will receive 10 tickets to that concert, and 10 VIP admissions to the reception.

  • Series Underwriter ($5,000): Organization receives “Presented by” credits on all advertising and promotional materials for the season. In addition, the Series Underwriter will receive 10 tickets to each concert, and 10 VIP admissions to each reception.




Dana Cooper

Staci Foster

Tom Prasada-Rao

Sara Hickman

Michael McNevin

Terri Hendrix w/ Lloyd Maines

Walt Wilkins

Susan Gibson

In-The-Round: Steve Fisher, Chuck Brodsky, Brian Cutean


Walt Wilkins

Tina Wilkins

 Siobhan Quinn

Michael Bowers

The Limeliters

 Trout Fishing in America


The Texicana Mamas

Doug Wintch

Miss Brown to You

Mike Williams

Bob Livingston

 Tom Kimmel

Michael Lille

Kate Wallace


The Flyin' A's

Shake Russell

Warren Hood

David Halley

Butch Hancock

Bill Hearne

Bill Muse

Carol Elliott


Shake Russell

Buddy Mondlock

Willow City

Matt Nakoa

Cliff Eberhardt

Amy Speace

Rebecca Folsom

Dana Cooper

Gretchen Peters

Michael Hearne

Josh Grider

Drew Kennedy


Grace Pettis

Pierce Pettis

George Ensle

Verlon Thompson

Steve Seskin

Allen Shamblin

Walt Wilkins, Susan Gibson, Michael Hearne

Harpeth Rising

John Gorka

Mike Blakely

Ken Gaines


Walt Wilkins

The Flyin’ A’s

B. Sterling

KC Clifford

Chuck Brodsky

Carrie Rodrigueez

Warren Hood & Marshall Hood

Kevin & Dustin Welch

Kenny White

Steve Fisher

RJ Cowdery


Mike Blakely

Sara Hickman

Ray Bonneville

Albert & Gage

Del Barber

Jimmy LaFave


Freddy & Francine

Cosy Sheridan with Charlie Koch

LJ Booth


Eliza Gilkyson


Bernice Lewis

Slaid Cleaves

Michael McNevin

Susan Gibson

Kevin Welch

Steve Seskin

Cliff Eberhardt

Caroline Aiken

David Wilcox

Matt Nakoa

The Sherpas


Lisa Morales

Shake Russell & Michael Hearne

Bill Ward

Mike Blakely

Doug Wintch & Anke Summerhill

Bill & Mary Muse


The Waymores

Eliza Gilkyson

Chuck Pyle


Ben Bullington

Dana Cooper

Shake Russell

John Inmon (played for Jimmy LaFave)

Trout Fishing in America

Sara Hickman

Albert & Gage

Hal Ketchum

Tom Prasada Rao

Jimmy LaFave

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