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KFF 2020 October Virtual Celebration

For the health and safety of our beloved community, we are celebrating KFF 2020 virtually!  We have planned 4 evenings of KFF artist concerts, 3 afternoons of 2020 New Folk concerts, 2 nights of Zoom campfires, plus there are additional KFF Family collaborations in the works, like a Volunteer Staff Concert and John Prine Campfire Night.

KFF programming can be enjoyed across 3 online platforms:

KFF Website             KFF Youtube          KFF Facebook

Audio-only streaming of the concerts can be enjoyed on the

internet radio station Folk Music

Concert links and more details are published on The Schedule page. 

These concerts are FREE to watch, so if you're having difficulties, it's not because you didn't donate (try refreshing your browser). However, this is a fundraising event that directly supports both KFF Artists and the operational fund to be able to present Kerrville Folk Festival in the future. Even a small donation helps us pay the bills.

Thank You For Your Support.

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