Oliver Steck
(Austin, TX)

    You might find Oliver Steck dressed and working as the mascot at your school, serenading your table during dinner, or playing to thousands at the show you’ve gone to see.

  Oli Steck entertains at: streets & stadiums, recording studios & restaurants, festivals & feasts, homes & hospices, bars & businesses, weddings & funerals, schools & theaters, prisons & parades, airplanes & operas, and more. The world's a stage for Oliver, and we are all better off for it.

   Oliver sings, acts, dances, and plays music like nobody else. Oliver Steck is a true original- just ask anyone who’s seen him perform. His incredible talent includes Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Accordion, as well as his spirited vocals.

    Oliver Steck graduated from the Dell’Arte school of Physical Theater in 2002, and has worked as a musician for over 3 decades.

   He was recently Awarded the 2017 “Best Austin Musician – Keyboard“, as well as 2010 “Best Austin Musician – Miscellaneous Instruments“.

   What’s it All About? Oliver says “My goal is to make people’s lives at least a little better, for at least a little while."

  Oliver has generously offered to donate his services to the KFF virtual silent auction in the form of a custom singing telegram! The winner of this auction will receive a special, one-of-a-kind front-yard celebration in song, dance, and general merriment for themselves or their chosen recipient. This can be the highlight of a birthday parade, a holiday caroling experience, to celebrate an anniversary or a promotion, or just for fun!

 Oliver will coordinate travel outside of the greater Austin area for a fee, but anywhere in or around Austin is included. If you have any questions about the proximity, just ask. Please email fundraising@kerrvillefolkfestival.org with any questions.

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