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If you would like to apply for complimentary access to the festival, please send answers to the following questions to:, and in the subject line please use:  Request for Complimentary Media Access.  Please note, due to COVID, we are not providing complimentary backstage access to music presenters or media guests.




Email Address:

Name of organization you represent:

What day(s) / dates to you plan to attend?

Is there a specific artist or festival feature you are covering?  If yes, who / what?

Do you plan to stay in the campground?

Have you or anyone from your media organization been to the Kerrville Music Festivals before?  If so, when?

Do you receive press releases from us?  

If no, please provide an email for us to add to our list:

Have you ever written an article or done a broadcast about the Festival before?   If yes, please provide a copy for our archives.

Affiliation:  (Radio – internet, satellite, AM / FM; TV / Station; Newspaper, Magazine/Publication; Blog, Social Media; or Freelance Writer)



Will you be providing on-air information about the Festival prior to and during the Festival?

Please provide the basic format of your station/broadcast.  

If you are attending for a particular show, please provide information about it.   

Will you want to interview any Festival Staff or Board of Directors?

Please include information about your market and audience, and if you play artists who play Kerrville Festivals.   

If you would like a complimentary copy of the latest KFF Compilation CD for your playlist library, please include that along with your mailing address.  



Do you intend to write an article in advance of this year’s festival? 

Do you intend to visit the Festival for the purpose of gathering information for a feature? 

Will you want to interview any Festival Staff or Board of Directors?

Please provide some data on your distribution, quantity, and any demographic information you have about your audience.

Credentials may be requested for employees who are reporting for a printed or electronic publication in an official capacity.  If approved, credentials will be issued to one reporter and / or one photographer. If additional personnel are needed, please provide information. 



Please provide printed or electronic publication(s) and your contact where you plan to submit material.

Please provide some data on the publication’s distribution, quantity, and demographics about the audience.

Will you want to interview any Festival staff or Board of Directors?

Please keep in mind this is an application. 

You will be notified if credentials will be issued to you within 10 business days of our receipt of your application. 

We want to thank you for your interest in this year's Kerrville Folk Festival!  

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