A Few Festival Dos and Don'ts

Just a short listing of things you may need to know about the Kerrville Folk Festival and the Quiet Valley Ranch....


- Wear comfortable shoes

- Bring a hat, sunscreen, lightweight jacket

- Be prepared for rain and spring storms. 

- Plan on visiting our Food Vendors, Art & Crafts Vendors, and Festival Merchandise Booths.

- Bring a reusable cup or buy a souvenir cup! Our vendors don't provide disposable cups. 

- Lawn chairs are recommended for the Theater areas.  Fixed, bench seating is available but not guaranteed.

- Be respectful of each other.




- No Dogs or Other Pets*

- No Drums

- No Drugs

- NO FIREARMS, weapons, or Fireworks

- No Generators in campgrounds

- No Recorded Music or Stereos

- No Drones (without office approval)

- No selfie sticks in theater areas

- No ice chests, bottles or cans allowed in

   the Kennedy Theater (ok in campgrounds)

*Service Animals - we do allow trained, certified "Service Animals" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  "Emotional Support" animals and "Pets" ARE NOT covered under the ADA and therefore WILL NOT be allowed.