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If you're missing Kerrville right now and want to re-connect, what better way to feel the KFF vibes than to put on your new KFF Mapdana, tuck a cold one in your new KFF Coozie, and sit down with your KFF Quarantivity Book open to the Val-Kerrtines word search, or the 49-hidden-cups in the Kerrtry page, and feel the Kerr-love grow from within. If you still aren't getting enough KFF love, you can kick back to the KFF2020 Music Video Special on YouTube!

💖49th Year-We Love You-Special🎶

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  • With your $49 donation, we'll send you a KFF Mapdana, a KFF Quarantivity Book, a KFF Coozie and a KFF Bumper Sticker.

  • We really wish we didn't have to charge shipping, but it adds up quickly and the good news is, the cheapest way to ship this gift package is USPS Priority 2-Day Envelope for $7.90, which means you'll get it REALLY soon!!