If you're missing Kerrville right now and want to re-connect, what better way to feel the KFF vibes than to put on your new KFF Mapdana, tuck a cold one in your new KFF Koozie, and sit down with your KFF Activity & Coloring Book for a Valkerrtines Day Word Search, or 49 Hidden Cups At The Kerrtry page, and feel the Kerr-love grow from within. With this 49-Year Special, you’ll get:


-an Original First Edition KFF Mapdana

It's a bandana and a map in one! You'll be able to locate important KFF locations like Kerrtesy Kart stops and hand-washing stations, as well as unique points of interest! You can dip it in cold water and wear it around your neck or wear it around your face as a stylish way to prevent the transfer of germs. These bandanas are a standard size 22"x22" of soft and stretchy polyester and only 200 original First Editions have been made. Remember how cool the KFF stuff from the 70's, 80's & 90's is now, well, now is the time to get these practical and fun souvenirs while helping the Festival survive these strange times.


-Ranch Brown, And Other Colors: A KFF Activity & Coloring Book (Vol. 1). (Original Limited Edition)

-A myriad of KFF Family have contributed over 60 activity, art & coloring pages to help create this unique glossy-cover, wire-bound book, with conveniently designed single-sided pages, so pages can be removed & displayed without forfeiting the fun on the back. It includes coloring pages of KFF characters you know & love, along with fun coloring activities like a Land Rush car maze, Kerrossword puzzle, Valkerrtines Word Search and more!!  We do hope to produce more in future years, so if you want the whole collection, now is the time to get Vol.1!!


-a new KFF Koozie. Keep your hands dry and your drink cold with this textured wood-grain leather-like koozie. It fits snugly on a regular size can or bottle, features a dark teal KFF logo on blonde wood-grain, and the condensation stays inside, not on your hands.


-With this gift, you’ll also receive a KFF Bumper Sticker, which makes a great bookmark! These are the last of the blue ones folks… it will be at least another 10 years before we see the blue KFF in “bumper size” again...


This gift package is specially tiered at $49 for our 49th year and is really a smokin’ deal.

💖49th Year - We Love & Miss You - Special🎶

  • For your gracious donation of $49, we'll send you a

    - Limited Edition Soft & Stretchy KFF Mapdana

    - Limited Edition KFF Activity & Coloring Book (Vol. 1) 

    - KFF Koozie

    - KFF Bumper Sticker

  • We really wish we didn't have to charge shipping, but it adds up quickly and the good news is, the cheapest way to ship this gift package is USPS Priority 2-Day Envelope for $7.75, which means you'll get it REALLY soon!