1 x Family Fun In the Sun Package ( 2 of Everything)

5 x KFF Mapdanas

3 x KFF Activity Books

Leah's Custom ⛵Family Fun-In-The-Sun🔆Deluxe Gift Package🌴

Photo Selection
Cooler Bag
  • The Family Fun-In-The-Sun Deluxe Gift Package includes:

    1 Celebratory 8.5"x11" KFF Photo Print

    2 KFF Cooler Bags

    2 KFF Boat Tote Bags

    2 KFF Solar Charger Power Banks

    2 KFF Stainless Vacuum Tumblers

    2 KFF Beach Mats w Inflatable Pillows

    2 KFFF Water-Resistant Seat Cushions

    2 KFF Activity & Coloring Books

    2 KFF 22" x 22" Soft & Stretchy Mapdanas

    2 KFF Waterproof First Aid Kits

    2 KFF Lustery Beach Balls

    2 KFF Koozies

    2 KFF Rain Ponchos

    2 KFF Pik Cards

    2 KFF Bumper Stickers

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