It's a bandana and a map in one! A bandana is easily one of the most versatile item any camper can bring along. We've recently designed our cherished Kerrville Folk Festival into a Mapdana! You'll be able to locate important locations like Kerrtesy Kart stops and hand-washing stations, as well as unique points of interest and Festival traffic flow! You can dip it in cold water and wear it around your neck as a personal air-conditioning unit!  You can wear around your face as a stylish way to prevent the transfer of germs!! There are plenty of practical uses and it makes a great souvenir.

๐ŸŒŽKFF Mapdana ๐Ÿž

SKU: KFF Mapdana
  • 22" x 22"

    100% Super Soft Polyester

    Full-color sublimation