Day 1 - Thur, June 8 VOICE WORKSHOP 

9 AM morning session with Brenda Freed- Effortless Singing Techniques;

Individual Coaching; Harmony Singing

1 PM afternoon session with Lisa Markley -

 Vocal Health-Injury Protection and Redovery for Speakers & Singers.

Day 2 - Friday, June 9:  Everyone Can Jam!

Instructor: Janet Brockman

9 AM morning -  Part 1-Musical Mindsets

1 PM afternoon - Part 2-Let it be Easy



This program was developed to give teachers the opportunity to earn required continuing professional education credits while connecting them with the large pool of talented songwriters and educators who come to the festival.


We host a series of classes during each festival, which have included topics such as how to use the voice to earn a living, proper voice & breathing techniques, programs to help end teasing & bullying in the schools, and hands-on classes led by songwriters and music educators on topics related to teaching songwriting to students, developing student writing and artistic skills, and personal creative development.


After classes teachers can enjoy round-the-clock music and relaxing in the hills. There are no additional charges for attending these workshops, although a festival wristband is REQUIRED to be on the ranch. Classes are accredited by the State Board for Educator Certification. 

Voice Workshop - Thursday, June 8

9 a.m. Morning Session with Brenda Freed - Effortless Singing Techniques

Brenda will be covering how to use the belly breath and "smile lip pucker lift" to increase vocal range and stamina, improve pitch and tone, safely project the voice and avoid getting hoarse. Bring songs you'd like to learn to sing better. She will also cover the basics of vocal harmony.  This workshop is experiential, fun and useful for beginners and pros.  Handouts and product will be available for ongoing practice and study. 

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About Brenda Freed: Brenda Freed has been teaching voice, piano and guitar privately for over 25 years, specializing in voice workshops at festivals and conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Girl Guitar in Austin.  Brenda’s background in Music Therapy (MA Music Therapy/Music Ed. from University of Iowa) brings a unique component to her teaching.  In 2013, Brenda created Women Sing in her Blanco, TX studio, open to women wanting to explore singing for the first time. The group is now performing at public events.  Brenda is no stranger to Kerrville.  She has been attending since 1991, teaching the KFF voice workshop in 2007 and every year since 2009, hosting YAPI – the Young Artist Performance Incubator since 2013, and her Him & Her duo performed in 2014.  Brenda’s performance history includes 9 releases, touring the U.S., England and Ireland and her group, Texas Hot Flash, winning an Austin Music Award.

1 p.m. Afternoon Session with Lisa Markely - Vocal Health. Injury Protection & Recovery for Speakers & Singers

Lisa’s workshop will focus on vocal health for speakers as well as singers. Topics will include: prevention of (and recovery from) vocal injury, strategies and non-verbal cues in the classroom, diet and the voice, exercises and easy-to-do warm-ups, vocal health on the road, the aging voice (taming the vibrato) and jazz voice for folk singers. The workshop will also include: breathing techniques, maintaining vocal health on the road, a special focus on the aging voice (smoothing out that vibrato), a Q&A at the end when folks can request specific issues to be addressed, and a take-home packet of information and classroom strategies. 

About Lisa Markley: With more than 20 years experience as a music teacher (classroom and private studio), Lisa Markley earned her degree in music from the renowned University of North Texas where she studied Composition, Jazz Voice and Education.  Kerrville friends will know her as the Texas portion of "The Malvinas", as well as for her musical collaboration with her husband, Bruce Balmer (Markley & Balmer).  Markley is signed with the Soona Songs recording label, and has toured extensively in the U.S and Canada, including sets at the Kerrville Folk Festival, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and more.  

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Everyone Can Jam w Janet Brockman- Friday, June 9

9 a.m. Morning Session with Janet Brockman - Everyone Can Jam, Part 1 "Musical Mindsets"

Musical Mindsets offers new ideas about  how everyone can learn musical expression. It also explores Moods and Modes, Music Language Basics, How the Brain Learns Music, and Transcending Patience.

1 p.m. Afternoon Session with Janet Brockman - Everyone Can Jam, Part 2 "Let It Be Easy"

Let it Be Easy is hands on music making. It will include facilitated beginner improv (Can Jam), songwriting outside the box, and daily work out routines for developing sense of rhythm.

These workshops are excellent for the absolute beginner musician, musicians who want to teach music (but find it difficult), and school teachers who want to use music in the classroom to manage moods and behavior, increase attention span, and teach lesson objectives. It is also good for parents interested in helping their children to develop musically.

Brain specialists say that music is basic human behavior. Research has shown that everyone is born with the ability to learn to do music, just as everyone is born with the ability to learn how to speak. Everyone Can Jam treats music as a language that everyone can learn to speak.

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