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Quiet Valley Ranch

Live Roll-A-Round

Sunday, June 7th

6pm central


With Sarah Shotliff, Cheyanne Pearl, and Steph Stone Perry

Quiet Valley Ranch misses you!  Come cruise with us on Sunday afternoon! 

If you yearn for a visit, to what most of us consider sacred ground of the Kerrville Folk Festival, join us on Day 18, weather permitting, at 6pm CDT for a live stream roll-a-round of Quiet Valley Ranch. The community has saturated this land with love for decades. The flowers are blooming, wildlife calling for you, and the stages long to vibrate with sweet musical frequencies again. Let the Ranch into your home, until you can safely step foot on the sacred land that belongs to us all.  


Talk to us!!  We only have an hour to tour everyone around the Ranch, but we'll be reading your comments live on Facebook during the cruise.

At 6pm Central, on Sunday June 7th, refresh this web page, and the button below will link to the Facebook live stream. The live stream can also be viewed in the window at the bottom of this page. If you are having trouble viewing, first try refreshing this web page. 

QVR Roll-A-Round on Facebook