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Siobhán Quinn and Michael Bowers

Friday, October 1, 2021

siobhan quinn michael bowers by Karan Si

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Austin, TX

Siobhán Quinn and Michael Bowers bring you heartfelt songs of love and courage, presenting the grace and grit of real life in seamless harmony. These artists present excellent original music finely crafted with precision, emotion and beauty. There is a focus and continuity in their shows that leaves you with little doubt that these two are truly partners.  Siobhán  brings the audience directly to the emotional center of each song while Michael draws you in with his warmth, humor, and makes observations of life with a wry twist.  Both are songwriters and Michael is principal songwriter of the duo. In addition to his own songs, he has also regularly penned songs such as Broken Wings and Mine For The Taking with co-writer and Kerrville favorite Tom Prasada Rao.   Siobhán  and Michael paint dynamic and colorful stories in a rich tapestry woven of original, contemporary and traditional music.  They live in Austin TX, have performed throughout the United States (including the Kerrville Folk Festival), and have stretched beyond to Europe.

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