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Stu Kabakoff
(Brooklyn, NY)

  Stu joined the Kerrville family when the woman he would marry took him to her home state of Texas. In recent years, you may have seen him walking to their camp on the hill, volunteering at the pavilion, and watching performances on mainstage and throughout the ranch. His wife Heather was toddling around Chapel Hill in 1986. Over the years, she has volunteered in many roles, including the smoothie booth and Kerrtry store. The first birthday gift she got him was lessons at a stained glass studio owned by a no-nonsense veteran who uses traditional lead-based processes. After twelve weeks of lessons, Stu set up a lead-free workshop in his shed and the rest is history. Images of his stained glass work and other artwork can be found on Instagram at @stutrek.

    This piece was inspired by the landscape, skies, and music of the Hill Country. The bluebonnets brand it as uniquely Texan. The playful rolling clouds suggest that it is a beautiful day, but at any moment there could be a sudden storm (and a sudden creek!). The guitar is the classic acoustic body that unifies the Folk Fest community.

    Specifications: The rectangular stained glass piece is 10.5" x 16" and about 0.25" thick. It was crafted using lead-free materials and the Tiffany copper foil technique. The transparent background creates a sky that changes color with the sun. The opaque foreground glows during the day and stands out against a dark background at night (See photos below).

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