KFF Video Clip Project

    We are requesting video clip submissions from the KFF community so that we may compile "home" videos of magical KFF moments into a virtual montage of nostalgic joy.  We intend for many of these clips to be featured in the May 2021 Virtual Celebration and hope to continue this project, even after we gather in person again : )

    If you are interested in submitting video from a past Kerrville Folk Festival, below are the important details & guidelines we ask that you follow. If you have any questions or aren't sure about your video and want to ask someone at KFF, please email staff@kerrvillefolkfestival.org or  you may call the office (830)257-3600 (M-F, 12p-4p) or leave a voicemail, and we'll get back to you asap ♥

What are we looking for?

We are looking forward to sharing special KFF moments from the stage, the campground, song circles, day to day KFF life and festivities.  (Obviously anything offensive or illegal is out of the question.)  Old footage would be really fun, and modern KFF festivities are great too. 


How long should the video be?

We ask that your clips are no more than 10 minutes long. -Short clips are great, long clips are great, as long as they aren't more than 10mins. If you have a special circumstance, contact us!


What format is best?

Although MP4 is preferable, most digital video formats are acceptable to upload to our Dropbox using the link below.  If you insist on a DVD submission, contact us and we'll figure it out : )  If it's not in digital format (e.g. vhs, hi-8, etc.), we can't accept it, but if you are interested in having it converted into digital format, there are a myriad of online-based transfer services and even some big box stores who offer that service. 


What's the deadline?

For your clip(s) to be considered for the May 2021 Virtual Celebration, please submit your video by April 30, 2021.  After that, you are still invited to submit video clips, they will be considered for future KFF virtual projects; after all, the 50th annual KFF will be coming up next year!

To upload your video clip to the submission folder, click here (or the button below)  https://www.dropbox.com/request/WdoRp5VT9oyO5LYIlmH1

 Thank you for participating and we hope you join us on May 29th and/or June 5th for the 2021 KFF Virtual Celebration!!