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Taylor Abrahamse

Saturday, October 8, 2022

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Toronto, ONT, CAN

If you’re singing along to a song you don’t know, and suddenly feeling 10 years younger - you’re probably at a Taylor Abrahamse concert. Like a maple leaf caught in a gust above the Ontario prairies, Taylor blissfully floats between the borders of songwriting with his hook-laden hammerclaw pop. With little more than a mahogany Martin, Ontario's Taylor Abrahamse blissfully floats between the borders of songwriting with his hook-laden hammerclaw folk/pop. Through his meticulous song craft, on-the-spot improvs & disarming honesty, audiences are left laughing, electrified, teary-eyed, and thanking their inner-kid. A Paul Simon/Jim Carrey crossbreed, he's ready to break the rules with a glint in his eye, and a tip of his Grandpa’s old cap.  

Starting as a five-year-old Elvis impersonator at county fairs, at age 6, Taylor vowed to never ‘grow up’ in the typical sense, and to always hold onto a sense of play. At 11, he began songwriting, inspired by listening to CDs in the dark by artists such as like Elton John and Queen, while his imagination painted transcendental music videos in his head. At sixteen, he was a finalist on Canadian Idol, and was regularly playing across Ontario.  

After an impromptu performance at Canadian Music Week, Taylor was contacted by engineering legend Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, The Beatles, Bowie & many more), who in admiration of his writing, insisted on producing his debut album. Released in 2020, his self-titled debut has a musical backdrop true to classic 70’s songwriters, yet feels entirely fresh – exploring his journeys with activism, depression, 21st century dating, and even gender identity. Since it’s release, Taylor has opened for & written with Hawksley Workman, become a Kerrville Newfolk Winner out of nearly 1000 entries, and was recently offered an official showcase at Folk Alliance International, which he is following with a US/Canada tour.  

Taylor also co-founded a much-beloved pro recording studio - Silverthorn Studios. However, despite miraculously securing millions from investors to buy the building and save it from demolition, Taylor was no match for the dubious real estate market. In the studio's final couple months, Taylor bedtracked a deluge of upcoming music, including many upcoming EPs, and dozens of other new originals for a series of live albums.

Taylor has also written musicals, music for other artists & television series seen worldwide, including the main theme for ‘Fangbone!’ (Disney XD) - one of many cartoon series in which Taylor plays a lead or supporting character. Taylor has also written, produced and performed original songs for popular Youtube channels, such as Corus’ online division & ‘Super Planet Dolan’. These song's respective music videos have had over 20 million plays and thousands of music downloads.

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