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The Nesting Dolls

Sunday, June 5, 2022


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La Palma, CA

The Nesting Dolls is a "girl-fronted" alt rock band led by sisters Mikayla (Theone) Khramov and Marlena (Ukulena) Khramov. Their self-described music genre is "Russian-American Rock-n-Folk-n-Roll-a-Billy with a dash of Tiki and a side of Americana." The Nesting Dolls are a visual as well as musical performance. They can provide multiple sets (up to 4 sets) which include originals and covers. They can also provide a half-hour to full our showcase style set. They are hip to concert venues, private functions and events, as well as small venue needs. They can perform acoustically, solo, or duo, or with full band, as needed for your event.

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