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Tish Hinojosa

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San Antonio, TX

  Tish Hinojosa is a Mexican-American Singer Songwriter born in San Antonio Texas and living most recently in Austin, Texas. She is the youngest of 13 children born to two Mexican immigrants who, as stated in her song “West Side of Town,” “made a good life the hard way…”

  Her songs blend the genres of country, folk and Hispanic music in a way that can only be described as a musical melting pot; unique and insightful.  She sings and writes in Spanish and English and has many bilingual songs, including a full album of children’s songs that has often been used by teachers as a tool for teaching the Spanish language. The Chicago Tribune put it succinctly “Simply put, Hinojosa is a first-class songwriter.”

  Hinojosa’s music catalog now includes 14 studio albums as well as live albums and retrospectives. She has played at the White House for President and Mrs. Bill Clinton and at The Texas Governor’s mansion for then Governor George W. Bush. She was inducted into the Texas Songwriters Association Music Legends Hall of Fame in 2018.  She was awarded membership to The Texas Institute of Letters, as only the second songwriter ever to be given the honor of membership, in 2019.

  Throughout her career Tish has contributed her talent to numerous causes such as bilingual education, immigration, and farm workers rights. She continues in these endeavors today.

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