Request for VIP Access - House Concert Series

You must RESUBMIT for each Festival if you will attend BOTH!


Request for VIP Access - House Concert Series
The reason we grant access to House Concert Series Hosts is to expose them to our performers, thus hopefully creating booking opportunities.  Requests for VIP Access should be limited to ONE person per House Concert Series (two would be allowed if you are partners and make all performer booking decisions together), and should be limited to the person(s) who makes the performer booking decisions.  Only those House Concert Series' who present a MINIMUM of FOUR House Concerts per year may qualify for a VIP Access Pass.
Please do not take advantage of our generosity by abusing VIP access policies.  We would love to grant free access to everyone, but we simply cannot afford to do this.  We won't survive without ticket sales.  Most of our venue partners and friends choose to support the festival financially by purchasing tickets, and simply want backstage access to the performers. This is fine if you have, or are planning to purchase tickets, and want VIP/Backstage access, go ahead and fill out the form below.
To see the best in emerging songwriters, be sure to attend the New Folk Concerts during the first & second weekend.  Each of these shows will be held at the Threadgill Memorial Theater in the Quiet Valley Ranch campgrounds.  Go Here for details on New Folk.
Please keep in mind that your filling out this form will not guarantee your obtaining a VIP pass. If, for whatever reason, we cannot grant you access to the festival, we will contact you at the email address you specify below.  If you don't hear anything back, you can assume that you will be on the press list at the VIP check-in area, located just inside the main stone gate to the left.  



Please copy and paste the following into the message body below and fill out with your information. Thanks!


Name of Person Requesting VIP Access: 
Name of House Concert Series:
House Concert Location:
Website URL:  
Your Email Address:  
What type of music do you present? 
How many House Concerts have you hosted in the last 12 months? 
Please list the Artists / Dates played from the last 12 months: 
Have you been to the Kerrville Folk / Kerrville Fall Music Festival before? YES/ NO
If so, when and how often? 
Have you ever booked an artist that you saw for the first time at Kerrville? YES/ NO 
Do you regularly book "Kerrville" type artists (non-genre specific songwriters)?  YES/ NO 
If so, please give a few more examples: 
Have you, or do you plan to purchase festival tickets and just want backstage access?   

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