Request for VIP Access - Venue / Festival Presenter

To further support Kerrville Folk Festival performers and thus create additional booking opportunities, complimentary VIP access to the KFF may be granted to qualifying presenters who book artists for venues and/or festivals.   Complimentary access is limited to ONE person per venue or festival (the person who makes the booking decisions) and if booking decisions are primarily made with another person, a second VIP Access Pass may be purchased for half-price. 
Please do not take advantage of our generosity by abusing VIP access policies.  We would love to grant free access to everyone, but we simply cannot afford to do this.  We won't survive without ticket sales.  Most of our venue partners and friends choose to support the festival financially by purchasing tickets, and simply want backstage access to the performers. If you have purchased tickets, or are planning to purchase tickets and want VIP/Backstage credentials, please request access using the application below.
To see the best in emerging songwriters, be sure to attend the New Folk Concerts at Threadgill Memorial Theater during the first & second weekend.  Go Here for details on New Folk.
Please keep in mind that filling out this form will not guarantee a VIP Access Pass. If, for whatever reason, we cannot grant you access to the Festival, we will contact you at the email address you specify below.  Please be aware that you MUST provide photo ID upon check-in.


To apply for a House Concert Series VIP Access Pass, please send an email to: with the following information:





Email Address:

Name of Venue / Festival:

Website URL of Venue / Festival:

How often do you have live music at your venue?

What type of music do you present?

Please list the Artists / Dates played from the last 12 months: 

Have you been to the Kerrville Music Festivals before? (YES/ NO)   If so, when and how often? 

Have you ever booked an artist that you heard for the first time at Kerrville? (YES/ NO)  If so, who was it? 

Do you regularly book "Kerrville" type artists (non-genre specific songwriters)?  (YES/ NO)

If so, please give a few more examples: 

Is there a specific artist you are coming to hear?  If yes, who?

What day(s) / dates to you plan to attend the festival?

Have you, or do you plan to purchase festival tickets and just want backstage access?   

Please keep in mind this is an application.  You will be notified if credentials will be issued to you within 10 business days of our receipt of your application.  We want to thank you for your interest in this year's Kerrville Folk Festival!