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May 23 - May 30 - June 6

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Niki Leeman and Friends Last Circle of H

We'd like to thank all the Campfire Hosts and Camps who participated in the previous weekends' festivities; it was a joy for everyone : )

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KFF Zoom Campfires

Host Camp Biographies

(in no particular order, learn about our family!)


Camp Honey

So it was 2001, when Staci Foster, Amelia Weatherford & Brandy Weatherford found an old 1979 school bus at a Gas Station marked for sale. It had been abandoned at a Walmart parking lot & the towing company was selling it for $750. It was already converted with seats removed and had been used by a band so double side doors had been installed for musical equipment. Brandy named her Honey the Bus because of a long-standing dream of having a ministry to provide a creative outlet for children in less fortunate neighborhoods based on a favorite children's poem of mine: Honey Suckle Dreams. At the 2002 Kerrville Festival, Honey the Bus found her home at the corner on the way up to Chapel Hill & has remained there ever since. Kerrbuki Theater (shadow dancing) has always been a mainstay for festival campers to view or participate in. Due to Camp Honey's location, it has always been a popular music circle spot that included young musicians that have grown up at Honey affectionately called "The Honey Bees" as well as numerous main stage performers joining in over the years. Many tent campers have always circled the ole Happy Honey Bus with our music circle as the center. Honey the Bus was finally laid to rest 2 years ago yet her legend lives on as Camp Honey still remains strong.

Camp Cuisine

Since 1981 Camp Cuisine, a.k.a. “the Third Stage of Kerrville,” has featured gourmet feasts and showplace song circles. A dozen pizzas? Sure! A campfire of mainstage artists and exciting up-and-comers? No problem! Bring a hundred of your best friends, and kick back and enjoy the show while our chef seasons the steaks.

Poets Rock

When Tim Mason first came to the festival in 1988 with Ed Florida they set up near Blair “Walking Hawk” Powell and his wife, Lendell Braud, in what is now CAMP CALM which stands for: Conroe Association of Live Music. Blair, Tim and Cathy Gould cooked up the idea of guitar-free, spoken word nights. So in ‘88, ‘89 and ‘90 they were the core of the poetry campfires with Patrick Dodd helping. Once Ruby was born, Tim took a break from the festival until he was able to return in ‘95. By then, the rock had been delivered to CALM. Legend has it that when the cover over the staff kitchen dining area was being built, someone using a posthole digger hit a main water line. The whiskey barrel flooded the kitchen, the stage and all surrounding areas. The only person who knew how to stop the flooding was Blair, so “Walking Hawk” saved the day. During the digging, an incredible rock was found and Lee Green delivered it on a backhoe as thanks to him. Blair told him to cap the campfire pit with it. The rest is history. Chandler had been keeping the spoken word going at Poets Rock in the early 90's hosting spontaneous readings. In 1997, the three of them: Tim Mason, Chris Chandler and Jena Kirkpatrick started defining the Poets Rock sessions as regular Tuesday evening gatherings. Chandler, Jena & Tim all knew each other from the Slam Poetry world. Later, Sunday afternoons “Sunday Bloody Sundays” were also added, when Frida and Don Harper from Camp Fork in the Road made Bloody Caesars for everyone! They all began with Don’s shrimp finger…Shannon and others at CAMP CALM offered delectable hors d’oeuvres. Many poets have read at the rock. All will be remembered.

Camp Coho

Camp Coho was founded in 1990 by six singer-songwriters from Seattle and named for the variety of Pacific salmon. Joined by volunteers from Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse in Dallas, the camp grew from a few tents and a fire pit to the large canopy and kitchen that now is home to as many as about 25 people from all over the U.S. and sometimes beyond. Our circles are usually open to all types of songs, poems, and stories and all skill levels, except when we host a themed circle once or twice per festival.

Camp Jews Don't Camp

Welcoming, laid back, irreverent, eclectic.... Freshly baked bread 24/7... and middle of the night french toast - of course.... Great late night song circles sized just right Water and charging stations for all.....

Did i mention bread ??

You'll find us where we were born, in 1999 in the Lower Meadow near the Jack Hardy Bridge - across from Camp Coho.  For the first few years, we were just one tent with a small canopy... We've grown to a large canopy enclosing a full kitchen, sitting area and song circle. Yes, we are known for "Breadman", who ensures that there is bread for all. Before CJDC was born, he baked the bread in a hotel room and brought it to the festival every evening. Now, you'll see the impressive lineup of bread machines in our kitchen.

Please come and visit, have some bread, join the song circle!

Kamp Kantigree

Kamp Kantigree koalaced as a "Named Kamp" in the spring of 1999. The name kame about because our founding kamp members were unable to kome to any kind of konsensus! Despite a long-standing "friendly" feud with Camp Stupid, Kantigree is widely known as a highly kongenial kamp where kreatures of all religions, politiks, musikal kapacities, and self-determined species (yes, even kows) are welkomed. Easily identifiable by our annual kamp tee-shirts which bear likenesses our kamp maskots (frogs and ducks...and okkasionally other kritters), in the heat of the afternoon, Kamp Kantigreans kan usually be found playing dominoes or Skrabble or writing songs whilst kooling our feet in the kamp pond. Kome nighttime however, we love nothing more than gathering round for a great song cirkle. Kome join us! (Yes, all hard c sounds have to be spelled with a k... it's a rule at Kamp Kantigree.... about the only one we all attempt to abide by!)

Loser Kamp

Loser Kamp was established in 1988 by two Losers and their Loser friends. It is famous for its welcoming atmosphere, and it is infamous for its raucous, eclectic jams that can be heard until sunrise. Generations of Losers gather every year for our brand of music and fellowship: the all-are-welcome song circle. Loser Kamp is dedicated to supporting the longevity of the Kerrville Folk Festival, and we will always know it as home.


Camp Stupid

Camp Stupid grew out of a Houston group in 1991, who wanted to get away to where we could stay up late, party, and where everyone was welcome in our song circle. We moved out into the meadow which, at the time, was considered a stupid place to camp for lack of shelter. We built our own starting with an expanding series of tarps, then a mash tent, then a 30x40 tent with full bar and kitchen. Our T-shirts read "I'm going back to camp, stupid. What we have here is failure to punctuate". Now that we're older, and have lost so many of our original camp mates, we, the survivors categorically deny most things people remember happening there.

Camp Nekid

Camp Nekkid was born on the other side of the hill before the RV roads were dug out, moved up to around camp Dakota (north Shameless) for three years, and then finally to its current and forever home! From start to now it’s in its 21st year of being a camp.

Zen City

Zen City is a relatively new camp at KFF. Established in 2016 by founder, Mason Lankford, Zen City has expanded rapidly by merging forces with Jerkwater/Stump Juice and will now be making a 2020 debut merger with Tuna Camp at their traditional location. Known for communal jams, great vibes, libations, and family meals, Zen City has evolved into a unique collaboration by utilizing the diverse creativeness within the group. Join us!

Camp NashBill

The camp location has always been in the same area (since 1998) near the Jack Hardy bridge in an area called "upper meadow", but very near "Sudden Creek" and the treeline that denotes the "lower meadow". With my name being Bill Nash and one of the nearest camps being Camp Nashville, it became easy for me to come up with the name Camp NashBill. People would come to my circles and say "is this Camp Nashville?", and I would say, "No, Camp Nashville is right over there, a few sites away... go over there and play your best song. Then after you are done trying to be a star, come back over here and play your worst song... that's the one I want to hear!" Invariably, they would be back not too much later. No agenda drives who comes to play at Camp NashBill circle. If a songwriter walks up to the circle and there is an open chair, I point to them, and then the chair… everyone’s welcome!

Camp Patchouli

Our camp was named in 1985 for the essential oil that I and other earthy people often wear. We began in the Big Meadow that year, but the floods of ‘87 drove us uphill to near Crow’s Nest. The Chuck Wagon serves as our group kitchen, and canvas awnings define the central gathering area. Improvements to the site include flagstones, terraces, and tent pads. Banners, signs, and comfortable seating invite guests to hang out for conversation, song, and merriment. We offer a pancake brunch every Sunday of every fest.

Crow's Nest

One of the oldest campfires on the ranch, Crow’s Nest began in the early 1980s on the upper road wherever songwriter Crow Johnson would park her touring van. Commemorated in her moving song “Ring of Stones”, the campfire has always been known as an open circle of mutual respect and synchronous anachronisms. Beside a real woodfire, beneath a sky full of stars, moon and the rush of clouds, while the constellation Scorpius crawls across the Spring night, singers and storytellers fall into the sky as they create. Miracles of many kinds happen in the hush and laughter and “we sing to each other to celebrate the dawn…”

Camp Bite Me

In '94 we lost our daughter, Gus, in an automobile accident during the festival. '95 was a tough year for all of us but the running theme was that whenever anybody would bug LaJeanna she would say, "Bite me." As Kerr things go, Bite Me just became our camp name. Some years later, in an attempt to PC up the name, Darryl and Mary found our camp mascot, Vlad the Inflator, at a garage sale. So just look for the blow up vampire flapping in the breeze and you'll know you're at Camp Bite Me.

And remember, You're always welcome to Bite Me!

Camp On This

It is located under the large oak to the left of Threadgill Theater. Camp on This, although 20 years old now, is still unknown to many as evidenced by the many people I've talked to over the years. We are a family oriented, songwriter supportive, peace and nature loving people who, for the most part, consider each other a family. We are one of the "under the stars" camps. Sometimes our fire is blazing and other times we sit in peace and watch the sky together. Many, many wonderful well know musicians have played around our fires. We have welcomed countless numbers into our fold with room to spare.

Camp Mama Tried

Camp Mama Tried is a collective JAMily formed in 2013 by the Houston thrash-grass band, Mama Tried. While the band is no longer together, the energy, love, and music still lives on through the camp. We now have two annual camp traditions, Secret Song Night (hosted by Jeffrey Rector) and Comedy Night (Hosted by Mary Brett). This year we will have Jeffrey host our comedy/secret song virtual mash up. These are both open to interpretation. Share your funny songs/jokes/stand up or play us something you've been hiding from rest of the world. Welcome home y'all, the hill is still rill!

Niki Leeman & Friends Last Circle of Hell

I first came to Kerrville in '92 and started and hosted Camp California for four years. Camp California morphed into Camp Singkerrnicity which I also hosted for some years. 2009 to 2014 I co hosted at Camp Stupid, and the last 5 years I hosted the circle at Camp Jews Don't Camp. I have also been playing many other circles over the years and am putting together this circle to have a live feed with some of my gifted friends. Think of it as a circle that has sprung up spontaneously on the ranch somewhere with some of the best from all the song circles. I'll call it Niki Leeman and Friends Last Circle of Hell.