2020 KFF Vocal Workshop Faculty

   A recording artist, national touring musician, published author of two books, Rebecca Folsom has her BFA degree in Fine Arts, shows her work in galleries, and is a transformation facilitator. She has more than 25 years of performing, coaching individuals, and leading workshops. Her one-on-one sessions offer supportive, personal depth exploration with practical life changing results. Her workshops offer fertile ground to catalyze individual growth, while at the same time empower community and connection. Life-long relationships often emerge from her workshops.

   Rebecca feels strongly that for humanity to thrive globally, the voices of all people must be heard. While writing her newest album, SANCTUARY, she reached out to established organizations representing marginalized communities. She hosted The Art of Vocal Freedom workshops, guiding participants in the discovery and expression of their unique voices, and then collaborated with the group in the writing of the songs for the album. These communities include, refugees, inmates, the aging, recovering addicts, as well as environmental leaders and people experiencing homelessness. Her dream for this project is that the music becomes an awakening force and a motivating catalyst that leads to solution-based action that has global impact.

  Siobhán Quinn is originally from Berkeley, CA, & upstate New York, and was born of immigrant parents. With a voice of powerful texture and variety, some refer to her as a “pyrotechnic folk & blues singer.” She can rip into exuberant blues, bring tears to your eyes with a soulful ballad, or bring an audience to complete stillness with a centuries old folk song. Siobhan's English and Irish family experience comes out in her songwriting; along with that occasional twist into the blues she loves so much.
  Siobhan teaches individual vocal students in Alexandria, VA, the greater Washington D.C. area and nationally in in workshop form. She is is a funny, serious, caring and encouraging teacher who will truly help you to bring out the best parts of your voice within each song you sing. Using classical/modern technique as a foundation for vocal flexibility, the first lesson is a vocal evaluation. In lessons we cover 1) vocal/breath warm-ups to advanced workouts 2) physiology of the voice & how to use each part—knowledge crucial to getting to most out of your instrument & to deal with vocal health issues. 3) Specific issues & exercises for songwriters/guitarists such as posture with instrument, lack of breath, singing flexibly within your range, positioning and strengthening exercises to shake out the unsteady parts of your voice will be covered early in our study.and as they arise. And 4) we'll work on putting your emotion into a song effectively. You'll develop a personal regimen to maintain skills you learn in the workshop. We'll work on all issues as they arise in your work towards a more flexible voice.

  Michael Kahl, the son of a retired minister and teacher, was born in Dallas while his father attended seminary at Southern Methodist University. He was raised in El Paso and earned his undergraduate degree from University of Texas at El Paso in Music Education in 1991. He then earned his Master’s degree in vocal performance from SMU in 1993.  From 1993 to 1997, Michael gained extensive performing experience by singing with opera companies in Arizona, Chautauqua, NY, Connecticut, El Paso, Portland, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. He also sang in several professional choirs such as El Paso Pro-Musica and the Phoenix Bach Choir.  Mr. Kahl started his teaching career at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ in 1995.

  In 1998, Michael became the Music Director at Travis Park United Methodist in San Antonio. In 2003, after two years of teaching at Palo Alto Community College in San Antonio, he began teaching at Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX where he currently directs multiple choirs and ensembles and teaches voice related courses and Music History and Music Composition.. In 2005, Michael became the Associate Music Director at First United Methodist Church in Kerrville. In 2009, he earned his second Master’s Degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio with an emphasis in Choral Conducting. Also, in 2009 he became the Choir Director at First Presbyterian Church in Kerrville where he currently directs the Adult Chancel Choir.

  When Michael isn’t teaching voice lessons, classes or directing choirs, he likes to spend his time running with his dog Matilda and traveling to San Antonio and Austin to explore and visit friends and family.

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