Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Kerrville Music Festivals, and we depend on our dedicated volunteer staff to make the magic happen every year. Volunteers work in every facet of the festival from admin to trash crew.

All volunteers are required to show a valid ID upon first check-in. This applies to minors (12-17 years of age) as well as adults. If you are uncertain about whether your ID is valid please see the link below, “Valid Forms of ID.”

Who's down to help us get QVR show-ready in exchange for a Pizza Party, Music & Fellowship? Ranch Management and Operations need all willing hearts and hands to ready the land for our Chosen Family Gathering. Mark your calendars if you are free. All work weekenders are welcome to spend the night in Forrest Lawn (we will not have camping overnight in the campground to keep it fresh for Festival).

Sisters & Brothers, please know that we are grateful every day for your love, service and all the hard work and heart you put into turning the wheels of our festival. 

In loving service,
The Volunteer Staff Coordinators & Festival Operations


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