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Austin, TX

  Walt writes, "I chose to go full time on this road 25 years ago. Its been a spiritual quest, an amazing trip, at turns heartbreaking & transcendent.   In that time I've made 9 solo records, 4 records with The Mighty Mystiqueros, 1 with my wife Tina, and there's a new live record with my friend  Kevin Welch.  I've had 100 or more songs recorded by other artists, traveled a fair part of the world, and had some very, very large times.  I have these anchors:  Wednesdays with my brothers The Mystiqueros at The Saxon Pub in Austin,  the 1st Sunday of every month at Luckenbach, The Red River Songwriters Festival on the last weekend of January in the mountains of northern New Mexico, and Waltstock & Barrel, a Texas wine, beer & music festival near Fredericksburg on the 1st weekend of April.  I move around a lot.

   I get to work with some inspiring artists on their records, most often with the coolest cat on the field, Ron Flynt, at his Jumping Dog Studio in Austin.  I play all over Texas & as much as the US as we can get to, and even in Europe, where our 2nd home is The Netherlands.   I know a wide, beautiful variety of mighty poets, pickers, philosophers, artists, and wild spirits.  I am a most fortunate man.  Mostly, I drive, play & sleep & dream.  Its a rich experience, a wild ride, and the way I make my way.  I hope to meet you if I haven't.   If I have, I hope to see you again soon on this path.  Cheers.

   Tina Wilkins has become a highly-regarded performer and writer in her beloved home of Texas, where she plays solo, with her husband Walt Wilkins, standards sets with musician & producer, Ron Flynt or when she's the beautiful, vivacious "chick singer" of the Mystiqueros.
    Tina has released 6 solo albums as well as a duet record (Be Mine) with her husband, esteemed songwriter Walt Wilkins. One of her more recent projects, Moonflowers, is a  standards-infused CD released to critical acclaim in 2016.  Wilkins and producer Bart De Win instill new life in standards like “At Last” and “What A Little Moonlight Can Do” and also offer an impressive piano-infused twist on Sting’s “Fields of Gold.”            Together with originals that fit right in with their tracklist companions, Moonflowers is a beautiful, smoky-tinged gem in Wilkins’ discography.

   As those who know her will tell you: Tina radiates. She radiates charm, humor, grace, beauty and a love of life- and this is besides her amazing range and tone as a singer, her great songs, and her great ear for songs that will fit her perfectly.