First, you don't NEED to download Zoom software to watch a KFF Virtual Campfire, BUT if you choose to set up a FREE Zoom account, your participation experience will be greatly enhanced by a variety of features. More info below.

Important Notice: Please update all of your Zoom applications to version 5.0 or higher.

After May 30, 2020, all Zoom applications on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings as GCM Encryption will be fully enabled across the Zoom platform. 

Learn more on how to update your Zoom application or update now.

Provided By Arlington OpenMics

Pro-Tips for Musicians

Want good sound when you play a virtual campfire? Follow these steps:

  • Use a powerful internet connection!

  • Use a FREE Zoom Account (if you bypass the Zoom application and join by browser, your sound will NOT be okay)!

  • Enable Original Sound in your Zoom Meeting settings (you have to do this BEFORE you join if using a Tablet or Smartphone)!

  • When joining the campfire TURN ON Original Sound!

  • Using a Laptop or Desktop will give you additional audio setting options that will further improve your sound, we highly recommend it!

  • A little lighting goes a long way, we want to see you while you perform! 

  • Please mute and unmute yourself accordingly. Mute when someone else is playing, and unmute yourself when it’s your turn.

  • Please read our Audio Settings Guide below provided by Arlington Open Mics.


Pro-Tips for Viewers

Just want to watch the campfires? We recommend:

  • Visit our Facebook Page. Each campfire will be streamed live so you can scroll around and simultaneously watch all nine.

  • Use a FREE Zoom account or join by browser to sit in on a campfire. Please remember to stay muted when an artist is playing so that the song is not interrupted.


  1. Click on Campfire Button

  2. If asked to open Zoom application click, ‘Cancel’

  3. Click on, ‘Click Here’ hyperlink from the Zoom Launching webpage

  4. Then click on, ‘Join from Browser’ hyperlink

  5. Type your name and waa-laa!