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Robin Bienemann

Monday, June 5, 2023

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Chicago, IL


  Robin Bienemann is a singer & songwriter from Chicago. His wickedly funny and poignant original songs mix contemporary themes with old musical styles. He combines dry humor and sophisticated songwriting with a deep sense of history. At his musical core is a reverence for the guitar as an instrument to accompany songs and as a vessel to express the American psyche in all its strange beauty and complexity. 

  Robin revels in the delicious history of Chicago music. He combines Blues, Jazz, Country and Latin music with fingerstyle guitar to create a playground for his lyrical musings on science, animals and the whole scope of human experience. His songs are poetic, comical and educational. A flow of images ranging from vampires, insects, dinosaurs, dodo birds, work and romance.

   Robin has shared the stage with Dan Hicks, Christine Lavin, Junior Brown & Southern Culture on the Skids. He performs regularly solo, with his trio, and as a duo with his wife Jenny Bienemann. With his duo Twang Bang he toured the U.S. and Japan. 

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